Crumbling Golem, what's good about it?

It’s an epic but what’s good about it?

6/6 for 5 faeria but health decreases by 1 for every enemy creature summoned, so automatically down to 6/5 next turn and it will keep going down… It’s not cheap either.

Exalted Ogre has 1 less attack but potentially +2/+2 for same cost. And it’s a common card.

But that one more attack allows trade with commonly played card : shedime brute, seifer, groundshaker, ancient herald, khalim, aurora’ed creatures…

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A card’s rarity does not determine it’s playability. The card is bad, but “It’s an epic, and look at this common that’s better” is not a valid argument.

Crumbling golem is good to play to punish your opponent when they are low on faeria and can’t put to many creatures down. It’s also a unappealing target for a green player to hit because it does a lot of damage. As they summon more creatures it’s health gets lower and the green trade becomes less valuable. But green alao doesn’t summon a bunch of creatures every turn so it’s health will go down slowly.

True but I think you dont get enough value out of it. I think if it would be a 7/7 it would make more sense.