[CSS] Community Sentiment Snapshot #2

Thanks again everyone. I appreciated reading all of your comments and insights. See you again in a couple months!!

Hello everyone it’s me again. Based on the the last Community Sentiment Snapshot today is the day for the next one. I don’t want these to be too frequent so the next one will probably be one month after Oversky is released. I think we will have a lot of good feedback to give by then. To see the results of the previous snapshot go here. CSS #1. All your feedback last time was wonderful and I hope to see it again this time around. With that being said let’s get right to it.


What color do you play?

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • I play Dual Color decks
  • I play Tri Color Decks
  • I play every color equally

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How long have you been playing?

  • A few days
  • Less than 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • Early Access
  • The very beginning

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What platform do you primarily play on?

  • GNU/Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS x
  • IOS
  • Android

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How many hours have you put into the game?

  • 5 hours or less
  • ~10 hours
  • ~20 hours
  • ~ 30 hours
  • ~40 hours
  • ~60 hours
  • ~80 hours
  • ~100 hours
  • ~ 150 hours
  • ~ 200 hours
  • The time I have put into this game should be measured in days or weeks, hours are no longer sufficient.

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Did you preorder the Adventure Pouch?

  • Yes the Pioneer’s Pouch
  • Yes the Supporter’s Pouch
  • Yes the Collector’s Pouch
  • No

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Team Abrakam

Team Abrakam’s Communication
Satisfactory is where you want to strive to be at all times. Above that, give yourself a damn pat on the back
Substandard Essentially just needs improvement
Poor You are very unhappy with Abrakam’s Communication. Majority of votes in this category is VERY BAD

  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Exceptional
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Satisfactory
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Substandard
  • Team Abrakam’s communication is Poor

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Team Abrakam’s Support
Support means responsiveness towards bug fixes, sorting out issues with accounts, giving you your egg if you didn’t recieve it etc

  • Team Abrakam’s Support is Exceptional
  • Team Abrakam’s Support is Satisfactory
  • Team Abrakam’s Support is Substandard
  • Team Abrakam’s Support is Poor

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The game itself

Is smurfing a problem?
Smurfing refers to a variety of different scenarios. In this scenario, high level players are creating new accounts to farm or pick on new players.

  • Yes
  • No

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The Meta
Diverse You never know what your opponent is playing. You don’t know what is going on. Everything is chaos and Rainbow, Tri, Dual and mono decks abound.
Decent You encounter a healthy amount of decks. All colors are viable and have at least 1-2 decks
Dreadful The meta is dominated by a couple decks that you play against every game.
Dull Not necessarily a terrible meta, it’s just time for a new expansion to shake things up.

  • The meta is Diverse
  • The meta is Decent
  • The meta is Dreadful
  • The meta is Dull

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What color is currently the weakest?

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • All colors perform equally

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How much of a factor does money play into being successful in this game?
Small Means different things to different people. I would classify small as no more than you would spend on a cup of coffee once a week.
Large Means the amount of 3-4 cups of coffee per week

  • I feel as if I can be competitive in the game without spending any money
  • I feel as if I can be competitive in the game by spending a small amount of money
  • I feel as if I can be competitive in the game only by spending a large amount of money

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Memoria disenchanting values

  • The disenchanting rewards yield too little memoria
  • The disenchanting rewards yield adequate memoria
  • Disenchanting is fine, but reward rates for chests needs to be reworked.

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  • There is just the right amount of rng in this game
  • There is too much rng in this game
  • I’m okay with the current amount, but going further i’d like to see less

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Pandora Single Player

  • I haven’t played it and probably never will
  • I enjoy it a lot!
  • I play it every once in a while
  • I’d play it but some things about it need to change (explain in comments!)

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The Community in 3 words

  • Helpful
  • Toxic
  • Supportive
  • Terrible
  • Nice
  • Mean
  • Negative
  • Positive
  • Average
  • Awful
  • Classy
  • Yaktastic
  • Boring
  • Naive

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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10

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#Bonus Questions
Did you enjoy Battlecup X?

What about Oversky are you most excited for?

How was your week?

What bugs do you want fixed the most?

What questions should I add to the next snapshot?


Did you enjoy Battlecup X? - I did.

What about Oversky are you most excited for? - The new cards.

How was your week? - Got to God, yay!

What bugs do you want fixed the most? - The exceptional crashes.

What questions should I add to the next snapshot? - Which Yak Avatar is your favorite?

Did you enjoy battlecup X? Yes I did

What about Oversky are you most excited for? The expanded solo content

How was your week? Pretty awesome

What bugs do you want fixed the most? Two. The one where when your opponent plays a card it appears off screen before being played. And the one where I can’t download the Android mobile version as a playtester

What questions should I add to the next snapshot? Which card needs the most love?

I really enjoyed the Battlecup.
I am most excited about the co-op quests.
I also secretly hope for new quests that award Memoria.
Please add a question about which cosmetics people would like to see in the shop.

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Did you enjoy Battlecup X?

To be honest, i just let the stream run while i was not there to get the egg…

What about Oversky are you most excited for?

I am not sure at this point because i dont know really whats going on and if i will be even
able to enjoy that game mode without paying money.

How was your week?

and yours?

What bugs do you want fixed the most?

i have the feeling that when you redraw a card it happens quiet often that you get the same again even when you dont have 3 of em in your deck.

What questions should I add to the next snapshot?

how much money people spend on it and or if they plan to do so.
if people think that the content is worth it.

Its been complained about before and its been tested repeatedly. There is no good evidence to suggest that the mulligan is bugged. Its just confirmation bias that is giving you the feeling.

That said, confirmation bias is a human enough trait that the game might need to be adjusted to avoid it. Switch to a Hearthstone like mulligan where your mulligan occurs without replacement.

@Sinnerman That’s great! I think I remember you talking in discord about being frustrated reaching god. I’m glad you made it!

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Can you expand on this @Nettlesoup? Do you mean like if people want to see more emotes, or cardbacks or wells etc? Now that I think about it, what do people think about alternate card art for some cards? Oh! and yes 1000x yes more quests that give you Memoria!

I like the commentary and analysis of the Cup.

New cards. Hope they listened to the community and are well thought out.

Good. Got another Legendary and 2 nice avatars.

Crashes I guess. I wish they make the bad cards better, there are so many of them. Treasures in Pandora are OP. Again, I wish they listen to the balance suggestions by the top players, even actively seek them out to balance the game and cards.

Questions about playstyles/archtypes, range of decks, and what do people play most: pandora/ranked/casual/solo?

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Did you enjoy Battlecup X? Yes, wish there was a posting of the decks that people were running so casters can discuss them and also to see what people are tweaking for the meta. I don’t personally enjoy the multi-deck format and wish it was single deck with a side deck for more diversity at the top.

What about Oversky are you most excited for? New Cards

How was your week? Pretty good. Second week of faeria and i’ve put in around 80 hours. Should toss me a job as I’m apparently full time.

What bugs do you want fixed the most? Game crashes when I surrender.

What questions should I add to the next snapshot? What is the color that you Most/Least like to play against.

Did you enjoy Battlecup X?
Yes, I did!

What about Oversky are you most excited for?
The new cards and mutliplayer campaign!!

How was your week?
Awesome because I had a full week off of work! Although, I actually do love my work. Breaks are still nice though.

What bugs do you want fixed the most?
Any bugs that are game breaking… but there aren’t many of those. The ones I really want to see fixed are when the opponent’s cards that are played zoom down to below my deck, so I can’t really see it. Basically, seeing the card is just in the wrong place and usually covered. I’ve also seen it go up to the top of the screen and the top half of the card is cut off.

What questions should I add to the next snapshot?
What is your favorite Yak? (And maybe provide a list of the current ones)

Sadly i missed MC X, but ill watch IT over the next week.
I am most excited about the coop battles. Cant wait to play those with my brother, its always nice to enjoy games with other poeple.
Lots of things to do, thats why i missed the monthly cup QQ…

Thanks for the great game, having a blast!

The question about cosmetics could be either multiple choice or just a box for people to type their answers into.

I’d play the Pandora single player if it was more challenging. The AI is too easy for an experienced player.

Did you enjoy Battlecup X?
I only watched two matches and idled the rest. I had some other things I’d rather do than watch at the time.

What about Oversky are you most excited for?
The new cards, as long as they don’t cause balance issues.

How was your week?
Pretty good. I got the Seifer and Shaytan Assassin avatars from a mythic chest, which was nice.

What bugs do you want fixed the most?
Primeval Colossus not being discounted.

What questions should I add to the next snapshot?
How much people liked the expansion.

the same bias which gives me the feeling that the game is somehow rigged now for me since i won one cardback with two accounts in only two days while i struggle to get out of rank 20 with the same deck because i always! get bad draws while my opponents always gets exactly what he needs?

that cant be just bad luck which starts exactly one day later…on two accounts with the same decks.
either i underestimated the rng factor which seems to be huge than or…

@Xaxazak did an exceptional 100 hands test with all-unique deck and the results were almost 1:1 reflecting a hyperdeometric distribution; with some sway obviously happening on lower probability redraws.

I hope you understand how unlikely your claim seems? It’s rather hard to believe developers posses a tool to “curse” certain accounts and mess with their draw rng.

As with all statistics, nothing is impossible, there are just things that are infinitely unlikely. And as with all statistics, the more you play the less sway in the results you experience. This is especially true for a game like Faeria, where you can climb to God with winning 50% or less of your games!

than i had either good luck during the two days on two diff accounts or now over several days bad luck with the same decks on two accounts. which just approves for me that the rng level is pretty high. in both ways its not what i hoped to have to deal with since the first impression was that its more abot your tactic than actuall pure luck…my win loss ration went from 50-60% to maybe now 10-20%…if at all…from one day of the old season to the other next day of the new season.

  • Did you enjoy Battlecup X? - Not yet following stuff but will at some stage. Replays would be awesome here.

  • What about Oversky are you most excited for? - New game modes.

  • How was your week? - Tried some new ideas, but nothing really worked. Got too mad at RNG.

  • What bugs do you want fixed the most? - Graphics - sprites (aka images/rasters) showing or not at wrong times, or at wrong places.

  • What questions should I add to the next snapshot?

    • What color is best. (I think R=G=B<Y, but can’t say that on the above question).
    • How do you feel about the multiplayer time limit? Too fast? Too slow?
    • How much of a factor does collection size play into being successful (Money or grind are only indirect effects (with identical results) - so may as well ask about the most direct effect instead).

When you say:

“Majority of votes in this category is VERY BAD”

People might be mislead into thinking you’re talking about the results.

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