Custom Deck Cover

Hi guys,

When are you going to be implementing an option to choose your own deck cover? I see huge demand for this and still nothing being done. I’ts quite annoying when your deck covers are random.


It’s not like the Dev’s don’t want us to choose our own deck cover, it’s just that currently there is no system in place yet to be able to this, I think it was Atmaz that said that. I also want to choose my own deck cover and so do a lot of other people but the Dev’s have their hands full with the expansion and other stuff. Hopefully after the expansion is released this will be implemented.

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Thanks, I didn’t mean anything against the devs, just gets confusing when garudan is the cover of half my decks :S

Garudan is kind of a jerk :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope they get around to do this some time soon, it’s been bugging me and many others since early beta. I have no clue how time-consuming that would be though, and Abrakam isn’t exactly the largest studio to begin with. We’ll see, I’m sure they have it high on their list of things to add.
Meanwhile, I hope you like looking at dragons.