Custom Emotes

Inspired by Sulphur

Thought we can collect all the custom emotes in one thread. They are quite fun, even though there are only 6 for each specific avatars.

@Jeffbert Check these out. Funnier than the ones we came up with, wish there are more of them.

Oh you got the custom emotes? I’m so jealous :smiley:

Just the Bom-R ones. But you can only see the ones you have Avatar of, so I can only share two. They are kind of fun, you can see them when I play you. Wish they have custom emojis too to go with them.

I’ll recruit another person eventually to get the avatar.

Emotes for Seifer. I only have the avatar, not the emotes.

Fugoro is so mean! :open_mouth: He will definitely offend quite a few players. Lucky not many players have the emotes yet.

OMG, over 100 levels in less than a month. What have I been doing with my life? :sweat_smile:

Ruunin’s Emotes

Khalim Emotes

Hoaka Emotes

Is it that the Hoaka emotes are boring or is it that they are not finished? Maybe they don’t show up when not owning them yet?

Well, at least Hoaka will thank you for killing him. :stuck_out_tongue:

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