Cute elf girls

it need to be said where the cute girls

i was legit gonna drop 35$ on this game today but the lack of cute girls preferably elf girls is worrisome

i need a cute elf girl avatar and ill give u money

not trolling i just want some girls


Gabrian Enchantress is my go-to-cute-elf-girl-avatar.

Bluish variety of elf like in HoMMII and Majesty. :blue_heart:


While we’re at it, where are the cute elf boys too.
And cute kobolds.
And cute ratmen, and ogres.

Frogs and Yaks should not have a monopoly on being cute!


You already have Ruunin, what more do you need? :stuck_out_tongue:

I want more cute yaks. And also… Where in gods sake is the option to buy the plush yak toy. I would love to have one…

I said cute not someone that wants to enslave the world

yak in a bikini
+1 health (ego boost) for every adjacent male

Yes, I want cute girls too, and cute animals in avatar and emoji. More cute things please! :grinning:

Red has a definitive lack of cuteness :smiley: And a lack of girls too I guess :smiley:
Blue is kinda cutenss overload imho