Daily Quest Lore Page

How can i keep getting “play xxxxx 3 times” when i dont even see the card in the crafting system ?
Quests should ask to play cards i have or can get (besides buying extra expansions which im assuming is the reason i cant find it)

had plains selected.
found the card in the blues.
is it possible to search text of a card in all colors ?

There is a trick that can help:

On this website, go to The Hub section.
There, in the top left, is a magnifying glass (search) symbol. Click on it, then type the name of the card you need in the search box. Select what you need from the drop down list of suggestions.
You will see the image of the card and all its stats at the top of the page.
Below it, there will be a list of all decks submitted to the site which feature that card. Very useful for lore page quests!