Daily Quest rewards for playing against friends

I understand why you don’t get any exp for playing against a friend… i think… but why not the quests? there aren’t any that require winning games just playing certain colors or events or creating lands and therefore “cheating” to get the quests would be way more boring than just playing the game against your friend and getting them done in 2 or 3 games anyways.


There is actually one that requires winning 7 games (which awards 150g instead of 60), and one that requires winning a game without taking damage, so yes, it would be possible to cheat them. Anyway, it still might be a good thing to enable making quests during friend matching, I don’t know …

I’d generally say that any aspect of a game which allows a person to have two accounts and ‘farm’ would normally be avoided, no matter how much time it would take to build a worthwhile amount. As ‘play x’ colour or creature, and win x games, are all exploitable it’d be easy for somebody accrue gold on a free account.

It’d also be quite boring, if two friends were actually exploiting this, and unfortunately players can blame the Devs for creating ‘unfun’ gameplay, seeing it as a flaw in their design rather than a measure to improve friendly competition.

I do think that playing against friends can be massively rewarding, though, and anything that can add value to this is always worthwhile. The quests, if we were to go down that path, would need to be applicable in other game modes though as not everybody wants to play against friends and, whilst we have the ability to reroll quests, it’s restricting the options for some players.

If you have any more thoughts or ideas on this then by all means let us know :slight_smile:

There are many people who only want to play with friends (but maybe not in Faeria - yet), and never really touch ranked/unranked/pandora though :slight_smile:

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ya thats my thing. me and a friend were having a lot of fun playing against each other last night for a couple of hours and got nothing from it. no exp quest rewards, etc. etc. which kinda sucks. because we want to continue with the in game stuff lvling and what not but its less stressful and way more fun to play with a friend but you dont get any rewards. :confused: also playing pandora to get another key to share seems weird? shouldnt it be play against the friend you invited to get another key?

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i agree all you would have to do really is just add “with friends” to the list of battle or pandora mode and its easily fixed for the quests. also finishing the quests can get you ahead a little i guess but the core set is pretty solid and being higher lvl doesnt mean anything other than time played so i dont feel that if someone were to cheese with two account to farm gold which you can’t share between accounts doesnt put them ahead very much or at all if if they did.

oh I’ve never seen those and i would reroll those everytime anyways. I’m not a fan of being forced to grind out wins because im not amazing yet or do something like not take any damage where there are so many easy ping effects. but what they could do is make those battle/pandora only quests while the other ones are allowed to be gained in friendly matches. then they can up the gold reward for those 2 quests for being more difficult and for not playing against friends. so those wanting to complete those will get a much greater reward for finishing it. like 500 gold and a pack or something.

Yeah, like I say, playing against friends can be awesome, and some people only ever play one game mode (whether it’s Ranked, Solo Missions, or Pandora) so it’s worth giving each of them the best playing experience they can in that mode.

I have, of course, sent your questions to the Devs (as I do with all constructive criticism) to see if there is a way that we can enhance game play for those who want to play against their friends, without reducing the playing experience of others.

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I’d generally say that any aspect of a game which allows a person to have two accounts and ‘farm’ would normally be avoided, no matter how much time it would take to build a worthwhile amount. As ‘play x’ colour or creature, and win x games, are all exploitable it’d be easy for somebody accrue gold on a free account.

I kinda have to disagree on this.
Sure, you don’t want to allow any behaviour that would allow players to exploit the system in a way they can actually gain an advantage regarding ingame value (gold, packs etc.).
However, this would only be the case with the 10gold/win reward, so just disable it for friendly matches (as it is right now anyways).

Doing the daily quests vs. friends is a whole different story, because usually the player will finish the quest anyways, be it in Pandora, Battle or in a friendly match. The only thing gained by exploiting easy friend matches would be a “time advantage”, not an “ingame value advantage”. Plus, if you disable the 10g/win anyways, you sacrifice your (potential) 10 (20)g/ (first)win in order to gain said time advantage. So there’s still an incentive to queue up against random, if you like to play vs. random and have the time to do that.

On the other hand, you give players the option to play friendly matches without feeling punished for not queuing in battle/pandora. So even if you consider the possibility to exploit the mechanic of doing your dailies vs. a friend as a bad thing, the positive aspects outweigh the negatives.

It’d also be quite boring, if two friends were actually exploiting this, and unfortunately players can blame the Devs for creating ‘unfun’ gameplay, seeing it as a flaw in their design rather than a measure to improve friendly competition.

I strongly disagree on this as well.
If two persons feel they would rather do their dailies quickly vs. each other instead of queuing up vs. random, they don’t seek to “exploit” the system, but to just quickly go for their dailies, because they maybe just don’t have the time for the more time taking alternative. So again, nothing lost here. :slight_smile:

In fact, it’s the other way around: By not being able to do these quests against your friends, I’d be inclined to blame the devs for forcing me to play the other modes, if I want to make progress at all.

It’s not even like I wouldn’t learn the game by playing vs. a friend (that is, if I don’t “exploit” to just quickly finish my dailies): Sometimes, friendly matches can teach me much better than random matches, because my friend can give me immediate feedback on wrong turns etc.

The only argument against enabling the daily quests vs. friends is, in my opinion, that it might lead to less players ending up in the other queues. However, once you open the game for f2p (which you kinda already did, due to 2 keys/person while giving the invited person another 2 keys :stuck_out_tongue:) this shouldn’t be a problem anymore anyways.

TL;DR: Enable daily quests to be doable in friendly matches, while keeping the 10g/win disabled as it is because of exploit issues. It’s always better to leave the player with his own choices of how he want to enjoy your game, than it is to force him playing a specific game mode.

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I don’t see ‘grinding’ against my friend as a big potential problem for Faeria, although I understand Gareth’s concerns. If I could manage to complete a quest by simply playing against my friend for about a minute that would defeat the purpose of the quests, which is keeping me playing and interested in the game (which currently is anyways only partially succesful for me, more about that below).

But I don’t see this as a problem, since most quests can’t be ‘cheated’ efficently. If I have to destroy 20 creatures, I really have to destroy those creatures of my friend. We surely could work on a setup to do this in a fast way, but I wouldn’t save a lot of time. And even if I would save time, Taiyodori already pointed out, that you could only grind time and not gold. And this time I saved wouldn’t be a good payoff. I would have the choice between playing a real round of Faeria which I can enjoy, and cheating mindlessly in less time.

I agree with that concept. To expand on this I want to talk about the current quests that are available.
I quiet frankly am bored by most of these quests. They fulfill their purpose by reminding me to play the game and to reward me for playing, but that’s it. I don’t feel excited when I log in and read my new quest for today or when completing it. Nearly all of them simply reward me for playing, not for showing any kind of skill. They also feel very generic.

I would encourage you to be a bit more creative and put some unconventional quests in the mix. Those quests could be extreme in some sense, with a big gold reward (and a big fun reward).
For example:

  • Dominance: Destroy 4 enemy creatures in one turn
  • Chaos: Destroy 6 creatures, regardless of alignment, in one turn
  • Manastorm: Spend 15 Mana in one turn and win in the next 2 turns after
  • Too easy: Draw 2 legendary cards and win without playing them
  • Fate: Draw 2 times the same card with Luden’s ability

Those types of quests are not suited for completing against your friend. Some quests should also force you to win the game in addition, preventing you from artificially creating the situation.

The current quests, except for Ultima (winning 7 games) and Immortal (not taking damage) are however suited to complete against your friends. Like OctoBearFest suggests: Open up the boring quests against your friends and add some exciting ones exclusively against other players.


those would pretty cool and i would be interested in those kinda quests minus the blue quests… i cant stand blue lol. Also i’m not asking to gain experience or gold playing against friends outside of quests though i would enjoy some experience. like half or something but not gold because of its easy ability to be cheesed.

It think it would be a little bit better if the quests would closer to the system like in duelyst:) In duelyst you got quest "play 4 with magmar, play with xxx, etc etc. Then you don’t have to “WIN” always. Thats a very kind system for daily gold. For me win is very hard sometimes, and i don’t have to time to finish quest. In hearthstone sometimes i have to play 8-10 game for 5 win. Thats why i stopped that game.

Well the concept of playing in a cooperative place would be really nice. Though in the current state having a “two-headed giant” or even “tag-team” matches may not be within the realm of possibility for the Dev Team it may still be a possible option to consider. Friends mostly want to try to have fun together, competitively or cooperatively.

As of right now, Faeria does not provide any options for that, no perks that support a community. It caters entirely to single player gains right now, though with the idea of banners for a group of friends could provide rewards for people to earn quest points towards their team for more member slots and the like. Quest Points could be used to allow the purchase of a sanctioned in-game tournament with other groups that provide additional rewards for all involved in addition to bragging rights.

The options are there, though I think people are focusing to much on the personal gain rather than a group gain. Having a means for people to earn cards against other “teams” would pose a much better option that could work well for all involved.

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