Damage = Wells * (Bloodstome Golems ^ 2)

Not sure if this is intended.

When a bloodstone golem creates a faeria next to a friendly creature it is immediately harvested before the next golem’s production fires. So multiple golems create multiple faeria per well. Then, each time you harvest you deal one damage per bloodstone golem. So you get damage per friendly-creature-adjacent-well = bloodstone golems squared.

I killed my opponent by dealing 8 damage from 2 wells with 2 golems.

I’d’ve thought production would finish before harvesting. Either way it’s not a biggie, but it was a surprise.

Production >harvest >production > harvest. Right?

That would mean 2 production phases and 2 harvest phases, which does sound like a bug.

Whether bug or not, this has been the case since the Golem was introduced and they haven’t done anything to fix it, which leads us to believe it works as intended. Essentially Production acts in one phase for all creatures but one at a time, so the Wells fill but are coded to trigger collection if a creature is beside them at the start of the turn, then the next Production goes off to fill them again and faeria is collected again. Its really just the Golem that can do this so maybe they just haven’t taken the time to fix it but we’ve just gone on the assumption this is as intended and not a bug.