Dark Wisp World Boss

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About the Dark Wisp…
The Dark Wisp is truly the embodyment of the Void. He will reduce all creatures in your deck to a 0/0 which does not truly hamper this deck design except for Aurora which is not a huge deal. He will begin by gaining 3 Faeria a turn and every couple rounds will excel his natural Faeria gain, effectively pushing out of your value range if you are unable to secure harvesters. On round 9 he will begin draining your very health directly, I beleive this also scaled but did not stick around to test it :slight_smile:
The aim of this deck is simple and actually fairly easy to use correctly. The strategy is to use super-efficient removal options to keep the enemy off the board, while also developing double harvesting positions and lastly push land up so you can place the creatures gained from your Three Wishes in an aggressive position.

Land Development…
Open up with a Lake, followed by either a lake (if you possess a Battle Toads) or a mountain if you do not possess a Battle Toads. the third land should be a mountain or lake depending on the board state and your card options, than secure your last lake/mountain to allow to use of all cards within your deck. You do not need to "Check’ the dark wisps land developement, in my opinion your removal works so good you should be able to react in time before sustaining too much damage. Lastly push the remaining deserts and forests in a direct path towards your opponents orb, you will want an aggressive spot for your counter-attack.

Removal Efficiency…
The following is a list of the enemy creatures and a descending order of efficiency on your removal cards.
Cutthroat Bandit- Falcon Dive, Gabrians Enchantment.
Master Swordsman- Flame Burst, Imperial Guard Token.
Queens Assassin- Devouring Plant, Falcon Dive
Rebel Slinger- Imperial Guard Token, Seifers Wrath, Devouring Plant.
Maceman- Punishment, “Aurora”-buffed token. This creature you dont want to see to much of since it is the least efficient trade, card per faeria-wise.
Freedom Fighter- Flame Burst, Token creatures, this much like maceman is not a great card to see, it always will gain some value against this deck but it also low impact so it is not teched against.
King’s Faithful- The emperor’s command, Gabrian Enchantment.
Steamforge enforcer- Punishment (good trade, save a Punishment going into round 5+)
Sharra, Dragonslayer- Flame Burst (best trade, keep a flame burst going into round 5+)
Crystal Dragon- Aurora-buffed token, hope to not see this one, otherwise will definitly take up resources.
Slaughtering Shadow (created by death scythe)- Falcon Dive, Gabrian’s Enchantment.

Closing notes…
This deck should function fairly comfortably up till around round 5+, at which point you must have the right answers in hand, this is unfortunatly one of the downsides of such a type of deck as it has very little if any tempo and must instead be played reactively, seeking value for an end-game. The nature of Three wishes is also always up to RNG, ive hit crystal dragons but at other times ive hit triple queens assassins which is not good since we are seeking Attack value to close the game such as Steamforge enforcer or Maceman, or even better if your lucky. The deck has alot of healing and you should find a good balance of taking damage at the beginning in order to establish harvesters.

The deck has a very high chance of finding answers to the enemy creatures and as such do not mulligan for answers but instead seek at finding harvesters early on, thus mulligan for Hold the Line and Battle Toads.

Card Changes…
The emperors command is aguably better than Gabrian enchantment in this deck however the Gabrian does have the sleight benefit of Draw which in a three wishes deck is pivotal. also leaving a 1/1 on the board is super low impact that gets cleaned up by cards such as your Devouring plant. In anycase the command allows for clinch healing and instant remove of faithfuls and cutthoats, also it can leave your Imperial Guards alive when against Maceman and Master swordsmans, which is pretty nice considering the power of those cards against this deck.

Spell Whirl can grant some nice value especially since the created creatures (if creatures were gained) are not nerfed by the Dark Wisp, however it more times than not will give a card that costs more than 2 lakes or simply an dead weight card, you can choose to replace this card with another Command, Time of legends, or Hellfire, these all grant good consistant value, whereas time of legends and command grant better early game, the hellfire helps a ton for later game push when you are in a good double collecting position, it also gets by sharra, obliterates queens assassins and pushes some face damage which is critical in the final few rounds from 9+ onwards.