Dash canceling instead of moving

Twice in a row I was not able to use Dash 2 on my units after placing them. When targeting a valid land the selection cancled and my unit was left on the position of placement rather then the valid dash location.

I think I might have clicked in a hurry in the utter corner of the land both times, but it was very frustrating. Could the default behavior instead be to allow for a secondary click if you “missed” the land and if you wanted to not move you could select the original placement tile to confirm not dashing?

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Wasn’t your fault, bro…

Actually, the animation of the creature falling on the board mess up the target selection for dash, happened with me tree times already, if you click too fast the game will understand you clicked on the creature itself or something like that… but an easy way to avoid this is waiting untill the guy fully stand on the board :wink:

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I’m finding this to be the case as well, best option at this point is to wait for the animation to finish before clicking anywhere else on the screen as the animation can include with other cards a card draw which can also get in the way of clicking on a desired hex.

This has been a major problem for me too, and for many others.

I have the same problem often, and it also seems to me like the game thinks I am clicking on the creature and thinks I want to cancel my dash. I know that waiting avoids this problem, but I often play fast and in a hurry and misclick anyways, so I wish there was a feature that prevented this situation. I can think of 2 fixes :
-Your clicks are ignored until the creature animation is over
-Left clicking on an invalid location does not cancel actions; only right clicking does

I do occasionally have this problem (especially if I’m trying to queue multiple clicks as the timer winds down to zero). Similarly, I occasionally trigger Earthcraft and other similar spells (or at least I feel like I do) by clicking on the general game area outside of the playable grid.

I personally think the best solution would be to have a big button for “Decline” (for optional actions like Dash or Demon Wrangler’s gift) or “Cancel” (when you’ve clicked a spell from your hand like Earthcraft or Windfall that requires a second click anywhere on the board rather than an immediate target), which only appears when it’s needed. Clicking an invalid target (for Decline) or outside of the playable grid (for Cancel), without clicking the button, will ignore your click.

yes, dash mechanics arent very intuitive. itd be better if you could double-click unit to cancel the dash.

Also the color of the movement line and the color of the dash line are the same – maybe make the dash a yellow color to remind the player they’re in dash sequence not movement sequence.