De-randoming the Pandora for those who don't like the shards

There are a lot of people who enjoy the drafting of Pandora, but have no love for the random shards. And there are those who like the shards and randomness. I have an idea about how to “fix” it for most players.

The idea is to add a checkbox to the Pandora screen asking if you’d like to see the random effects on shards.

When the match is found in the queue if both players have this checkbox checked, then there are random shards in play, otherwise (if both unchecked or only one player checked) the game plays without the random shards.

  1. The queue time would stay the same, as there is no splitting involved.

  2. Those who like random have a kinda random chance that they’d get shards. Those who don’t like random that much would always get the predictable Pandora.

  3. The value of the checkbox still could be used as a matchmaking criteria, just with a very low value to prevent it to cause any delays in the queue time.

  4. This checkbox should be possible to check and uncheck at any time when you’re between the Pandora matches, so you could play some games with random, and some without.

  5. This would allow developers to gather stats on which amount of players actually like the random shards.

The open question is what should be the “plain” Pandora be: should there still be shards and the Pandora “opening”, just without random effects, or the game should be just the same as in constructed, or there would be “Pandora opening”, just after a set amount of time.


You raise some pretty good points and a solid plan.

Just to play devils advocate though:

It’s possible more experienced players would like to play no shards and the less experienced would like to have shards as it is one way to turn the match in their favor and achieve a win despite perhaps playing less than optimally.

Resulting in there being a large separation between un-experienced and experienced players.

More players for the matchmaking should fix that problem, as it would make sure more inexperienced players play players of similar experience. Also, even experienced players could sometimes enable that checkbox either when the draft was really bad, or just to spice up a little their 11/0 run, for example.

i would love to play draft without the shard system :slight_smile:

Having 6f after a time is a good idea, if not the player who controls the fearia’a wells has win the game.
But remove the effect of shards please.
Yesterday, another 99% win game lost because of effect of shard.