Dear Faeria people

I would just like you all developers know that Faeria is THE prettiest and estethicaly pleasing card game I have ever played.

The card art, the cute yaks, the orbs, wells, more yaks…

Anyway, I would just like to let you know that after 10 hours playtime I plan on spending 50 euros on the 21 000 gems pack. You deserve it. Thumbs up


The stratergy, land-biulding aspect to your game is incredible. Scrolls Moyang fucked it up, but you people hit the bulls eye with it. Good job on the game.


Be sure to save the statistics of all types of cards that you will get from boosters. And Inform us later :slight_smile:


how to save the statistics pls?

Write to the notepad number of uncommon, epic and legendary cards.

@MaxisZ I can tell you right now the card packs are generous. I tend to get an epic every other pack and have seen double legendary packs with epics and rares in them as well. I say this having just tried another card game that is f2p and no competition. Faeria wins hands down. I think 30 packs in this new game and maybe 2 epics as well as 0 legendary cards. Not to mention I am getting maybe 1 new card per pack from a brand new game… Faeria is the best card game out there imo. That is with 6 cards per pack as well. Happy to see others sharing the love!

Faeria is certainly an excellent game.
My сurrent stat:
78 boosters
24 Epic (6,15%)
3 Legendary (0,76%)