DeathsAdvocate's Introduction and Stream Info

(Should I be using general or the hub?)

Hi folks, Im DA or RE4P3R here since my usual pseudonym is to long for Faeria related things. I plan to start streaming the game a bit starting tomorrow, (Roughly ten hours from this post) you can find my Twitch page here:

Is there any kind of streaming program, or way to get noticed by mods/devs?

I have been playing for a few weeks now. I have really fallen in love with the game. For those of you familiar with “Duelyst” I am a refugee from there. I am pretty well known over there but we are going on a year without an update so its pretty rough. After a long search for a replacement game, I came here. Card games are everywhere, but successful, PC, pvp, tactical board games are pretty hard to come by.

I’ve largely stayed off the forums and discord until now as I really just wanted to discover the game on my own. But after hitting god rank on my ninth day playing: (Celebratory screenshot.)

, and now with another couple weeks under my belt I feel like I have a pretty firm grasp of the game and its meta and am looking forward to getting involved in the community. I plan to share my collection of decks complete with detailed write ups for them either before bed tonight, or before my stream tomorrow.


Welcome to Faeria, and congrats!

Looking forward to seeing more from you.