DeathTouch on ranged


why the deathTouch doesn’t work on ranged attakcs ? it should be :((

i miss something ?

AFAIK, the only way to get that combo is by using Canon Carrier’s effect on a deathtouch creature, then attack another creature wit hit from afar. Is that what you mean ? Otherwise, do you mean, retaliating with deathtouch on a Ranged attack ? If so, Deathtouch will only work if you deal damage to a creature.
Need more details to understand your point :wink:

thx you re all right

Ah ok. Well, as I said, deathtouch works only if you damage a creature, and Ranged prevents your assassin to retaliate, so you don’t damage the Ranged creature. So yes, it’s normal :slight_smile:
However, if your Assassin had attacked the Ranged creature, or if the Ranged creature had attacked your Assassin at melée range, then it could have killed it.
Looks like the Assassin still hasn’t mastered the art of killing by throwing poisoned daggers :wink:

When attacked by a ranged creature from a distance outside of melee range, strike back damage does not apply. In order for death touch to activate it must deal actual damage. The same happens with protection, if a death touch attacks a protection creature then the bubble will pop, but the creature won’t die because it received no damage

By the way, even if your own creature is Ranged, it still won’t retaliate when attacked by Ranged, except at melee range

thx all you re right :slight_smile: