Deck building and colors

New player here with relatively little experience playing TCGs, wondering if there’s any consensus on wether or not you should craft a deck using one, two, or all colors at the same time. What do people usually do? Seems like decks of 3+ colors are rare? What kind of rules should be followed?

Usually, a good deck is no more than 2 colors. Even if you play a 4-color deck with three wishes, for example, you’ll usually stick to 2 major colors, and maybe a few additives from the other colors.
As for bicolor vs mono … I don’t think there’s one definitely stronger than the other, it depends on what you play. Only in tournaments, due to the special rules here, a mono-color deck will often be more interesting than a bicolor, but bicolor are playable too.

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Any color combination is viable. You can’t say mono color wins over multicolor or vice versa.
However, there’s some stuff to note about multicolor decks:
There’s a difference in whether you really combine multiple colors or just splash some different colored cards in. For example, you can play a mono red deck based around combat and add 3 copies of Triton Banquet (blue) to increase your mobility. This doesn’t slow you down, because you can just build a lake at whatever point you want to play the Banquet for a surprise move.

Other than that, with each new color added to your deck, your deck usually becomes slower, because you need more different lands before you can play certain cards. For this reason, playing multicolored decks is more difficult than mono colored decks, (which doesn’t mean mono color wins over multicolor or vice versa). If you plan on using such a deck, especially as a new player, cards that enable more land placements can be really helpful (mostly the Elementals and Earthcraft).

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I see, that makes sense - thanks!