Deck building & crafting

I accidentally crafted a wind gate when I mean to disenchant them, I would like there to be a confirmation window for crafting cards since the two buttons are so close together.

I don’t care about mythics so I’d love a way to only see mythic cards

It would be great if you could either press esc or spacebar or just click to close the disenchant complete message.

Also I would like to be able to put in more than 30 cards in my deck, this makes it easier to make decks since you can put in everything you want then remove everything that isn’t vital to the deck.

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Please consider the suggestions on reddit too. There are more in the comments section.

Wasn’t aware of that thread, my bad.

That was not directed at you. I just wanted to alert the devs of that thread.

edit: added “not”

Oh ok I see, yeah there are some good suggestions there.