Deck Building

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#Constructing Your Deck

An integral part to understanding Faeria and its unique deckbuilding pattern is understanding the powerwheel. Being efficient with your land placement means you will often find yourself in a position where you have access to additional resources, either increasing your hand size or Faeria gain.

Contradictory to the gameplay showcased in the tutorial a good Faeria player will strive to minimize the amount of any extra lands he has to create.
This will often require a lot of planning ahead in time, both at the start of the game as well as in deck building.

##Deck Concept

Concepts like Rush, Midrange and Control in Faeria are often put into place by how you build your lands.

In essence this allows you to heavily alter your strategy during a match without having to make any changes to your deck!

Of course some cards do shine a little brighter when they are used offensively or defensively, preemptive or reactive, for momentum* (tempo)* or long term value, etc.
The further your deck leans towards one specific set of interactions the narrower your options of play become. This will lead to more polarizing matchups which is great in a tournament setting where you can ban certain decks but will too often make for a poor performance on ladder.

Keep in mind that you tighten the lock around a certain strategy the more conditional cards you use.
They do provide [Card=107]powerful effects[/Card] in return so make sure you strike the right balance between flexibility and strength.

##Starting Creatures

Setting yourself up for collection as early as Turn 1 accelerates your Faeria generation immensely.
Consider neutral cards or cards with only one special land requirement.
Look for creatures in your opening hand with either 3 Faeria if you are playing first or 5 Faeria if you are playing second.

Creatures you play on Turn 2 are still considered early collectors.
You now have wider range to choose from both in *Faeria (6 to 8) *and Land cost (2).
[Card=129]Certain cards[/Card] can even set up a powerful double collection in the following turn!

In a standard deck you would roughly want about 9 to 12 starting creatures to ensure a good early game.


By executing this step deck building and piloting will hopefully become more cohesive for you.
Begin by looking at your Starting Creatures.

This becomes crucial if you are building a multi colored deck; it determines wether you will be forced to build unnecessary land or end up locked out of certain answers.

Roughly imagine the course of the game from the very first creature your opponent plays all the way to you winning the game. Green Creatures tend to be useful against Red’s from hand removal, Blue Creatures often have greater range and allow you to take out high priority targets.

What threats will you be able to answer and what cards are rather troublesome?

Does your deck contain cards that require controlling [Card=84]special tiles[/Card]?

##Closing Thoughts

Building a deck in Faeria has a lot to do with problem solving.

The game will present you with a wide range of different problems (board states) and it will be up to you to design a deck that can offer an adequate solution.

Not every deck needs to be able to do everything but knowing what card solves which problem is the first step to insightful play and identifying the right course of action.