Deck Doctor - Green Red Crackthorn Revisited

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Deck Doctor Episode 22 - Green Red Crackthorn Revisited

I spent two weeks playing Crackthorn at the highest level on ladder and wanted to revisit the deck for this week’s episode. Crackthorn is still a powerful and effective deck to climb the ranks.

I can attest to that. Crackthorn is incredibly effective, though I do use a more defensive list, which I coincidentially posted a few hours ago. No Garudan - drawing that when you are starved for Faeria is not fun.

Agree with above. Last thing the deck needs is more overkill. Instead of Garudan I have a second Firestorm, since it will actually see play and is vital against yellow rush.

Likewise I have a third Sagami Warrior, a card I have sung the praises of since the beginning. More reliable and vital than Seifer.

EDIT: OK watched the video and both the changes above are given as possibilities.

But also, how would you NOT have three Embraces? I don’t run Ruunin’s Guidance since if you need the health boost, you’ve already lost the game.

Don’t forget that Ruunin’s Guidance is a cheaper buff than Elderwood Embrace.
I have won matches simply because it was a +2 attack buff that was 1 faeria cheaper than Elderwood Embrace and the HP did not matter under the circumstances (as it was to deliver lethal).

Against Yellow Rush or Red-Yellow Burn the heal can really help too, and Elderwood Embrace can be a dead card against the former, and even if it isn’t it often is an inferior Ruunin’s Guidance.

I really enjoyed your video, and this deck looks like a blast to play. I do not have enough resources to craft all the cards yet. I’m still new to Faeria, and I can buy more gems, or dust some cards I’m thinking.