Deck for a new player

Hello everyone. I am a French player, but the french community is small, then I come to propose my deck on this forum (sorry for my English …).
I would have liked to have posted a picture of my deck, but I’m not on my computer so it’s more complicated!

So I try to make a decent deck with the cards I have. The goal is to have a green / red deck, oriented around creature to 5 HP or more in green and removal in red. Now that I’m rank 18 and I have accumulated some Memoria, I would make the deck improvements, see a completely different direction if the basic idea is bad. Not having the hindsight to tell which cards are better than others, I turn to you to give me directions as possible: what cards are good / bad, which are interesting to crafter and how to copy, what curve and average cost for a deck, …
Basically, I would like to know the basics of a competitive deck on Faeria!

Here is the list of my current deck:
1x Time of Legends
2x Seeding
1x Ruunin’s Guidance
2x Seifer’s Wrath
2x Elderwood Embrace
2x Flame Burst
2x Taiga Explorer
3x Ancient Bestmaster
1x Firebomb
1x Runnin’s Messenger
2x Blazing Salamander
2x Oakling
2x Grove Gardian
2x Ancient Boar
1x Verduran Force
2x Wild Avenger
1x Garudan, Heart of the Mountain
1x Tethra, Soul of the Wild

Thank you in advance for your return!

Hey, glad to see a new player.
The Oversky new cards are being released every week, so the current meta is not stable now. There is a very strong deck(whales+wishes+fugoro) that utilizes the new cards, but it’s not a red-green deck, and it will be nerfed (the devs said they will eventually). That being said, red-green decks(and most of decks except for the one I mentioned above) are not competitive anymore until the whole expansion comes out, and until the devs release balance patches. :frowning:

What I can do is to introduce you a red-green deck, which was common and competitive before the expansion came out. Here is the link that explains the deck.

  1. Deck introduction
  2. How you play the deck

Your deck seems ok at first glance, but it doesn’t fit into any of the usual archetypes. Which is a bad thing, because the most important thing in a deck is Synergy. Synergy is the way all the cards work together, and the key to a good deck is that All Of its Cards Work Together Well.

Your deck seems to be leaning towards a “buff and burn” archetype. Most of those are based around Crackthorn Beast, but it’s a card that’s slow to develop and expensive to craft. So, hopefully, you can manage without it for now. Let’s simply make some inexpensive substitutions for the cards that “don’t fit”:

Seedling - takes 4 turns to fully develop. In which time it is an easy target (even a “damage magnet”) for the enemy player! Since yours is mostly a buff deck, Tiki Caretaker would be a better choice, especially as it can also buff itself.

Ancient Beastmaster - extremely situational. It could be replaced with 2 of Any of the following - Sagami Grovecaller (its teleport ability decided many matches for me); Sagami Warrior (cheap and speedy); or Syland Horsemaster (one of the trickiest cards to use properly - you need to have a target that’s able to move, before you put the Horsemaster down to give Charge to it, otherwise it will be wasted) The third card can be a third copy of Flame Burst, or a second one of Ruunin’s Guidance - both cards are extremely versatile and can be used in many situations.

Ruunin’s Messanger - needs to be within striking distance of the orb for maximum benefit. You’d be much better off with a second Verduran Force.

Blazing Salamander - again, very situational! Even if you do manage to get it next to an enemy, will 2 damage be enough? 2 Grim Guards are what I’d recommend. If these are expensive to craft, use Shedim Brutes instead.

Garudan - great card, but is best suited to mono red burn decks. After it uses up its Firestorm ability, it becomes rather weak. You already have Tethra, which fits this deck perfectly. Also, 2 10-cost cards in 1 deck are too much. Good decks have an average Faeria cost of between 3.5 - 4.5." Bargain" decks use plenty of cost reduction cards, so can be more expensive, while mono-yellows are often cheaper. Replace Garudan with either a copy of Hellfire or Seifer (Legendary)

Finally, as a general rule, you should try to have At Least 2 copies of every non-Legendary in your deck, to maximise chances of drawing them.

I’ve had Way too much fun writing this - must be a Faeria nerd :slight_smile:


Thank you very much for both of your answers!

I will try to make the changes you propose tonight! For the Ancient Beastmaster, this card being one of the first one to get, I quickly orientated my deck around it so much the value that it gave seemed interesting to me (It often allows + 2 / + 2 or more). Finally, I realize thanks to you that this is not really the case!

For the Ruunin’s Messanger, I think to keep the map in one copy, its ability to jump as well as its effect against the gods makes it very strong in the vicinity of rank 20 :slight_smile:

Thank you for the information in terms of average cost, number of copies of cards and the number of “10 faeria card” (I confess I play the two legendary dragons because I got both). If there is other information in this genre that I need to know for my future decks, I’m all hearing :slight_smile:

The real problem to create a deck are the epic card, finally for the moment. They are too strong to be ignored, but too expensive to be craft in 2 or 3 copies … In any case, I would already complete my deck with what I have :slight_smile:

I benefit from it here rather than to open a new subject: is the extension Oversky worth it to be bought completely? Or is it better to keep buying boosters before?

(Again, sorry for my English, i can read and understant, but writing… is another problem ! Then i use Google Translate and sometimes it’s… bad)

The french community is not small, it probably has the most top players for one country.

You can find other french players here:

Thank you very much @xploring !

Aquablad’s Deck Doctors and Pilots are really good to learn about how deck works. Even though they are outdated now with the release of new cards, they are still good to learn about the basics and synergy.

Luuu’s deck building guide is good to learn how to approach it, even though it looks old, the content is still very good and valid for the game now.

luuu and aqua both stream regularly on twitch and has many other good guides on youtube.

As Always, xploring’s advise are exellent.

I just want to say, if you search some other french people to help you in this wonderful game you can go on the french forum canardPC.
We discuss about the game and strategy (in french, and yes it’s easier for me too^^).

And you can post too on jeuxvideo .com, not very active forum for faeria, but Maihem, a very friendly french top player, help a lot beginners (that i try too).

Hope to see you on those forum :wink:

Bon jeu et à bientôt !

If you wish to keep Ruunin’s Messenger, it is particularly important to have either Sagami Grovecaller or Syland Horsemaster - they will help the Messenger to get within range of the orb more easily.

A second piece of advice - craft several decks, of different colours and playstyles, and use a different one every day. Because the cards get rebalanced regularly, a deck with a very high win rate in one month might have a very low one the month after. So it is better to experiment with many different playstyles than to craft one “perfect” deck and stick to it - especially when you get to rank 10 and above! Don’t be afraid to modify and improve the ones you have from time to time, as needed.

Whether or not to buy the Oversky is up to you. On one hand, the cards you get are yours to keep, and there are a lot of them! On the other hand, many of them require bi-colour or multi-colour decks, which are slightly harder and slower to play than mono-colour.

The only thing I know for sure is: Buy Battle Chests (boosters) with gold, not gems! Only one, sometimes two, of the cards in each one will be rare or better, and the bigger your collection the more likely you will be to get duplicates. Spend gems on Mythic Chests and cosmetics instead.

I would say insteed : spend gems in Goki when you have 1000+ gems if you don’t care about cosmetic.

Goki is very very cost efficient !