Deck: Green Upswell

Hey everybody, newbie here. Faeria is a seriously amazing game. I’m pretty new and kinda bad in some ways, but… I started doing pretty well with this deck. I’ve seen at least one similar setup, but nothing quite as focused. This deck is pretty versatile, and can be fairly aggressive or can sit back and grow more… Looking for suggestions/feedback.

x3 Steam Forge
x3 Village Elder
x2 Fortune Hunter (only two so far)

x3 Bone Collector
x3 Elderwood Hermit
x3 Elderwood Embrace
x3 Tiki Caretaker
x3 Wood Elemental
x3 Sagami Elder
x2 Sagami Warrior
x2 Deepwood Grizzly

There's a lot of cards that I need to test, but I'm posting this because I don't want to forget what's working for me. This deck escalates quickly. I took out Seedlings... which feels odd, but space is tight. I want Ruunin... haha. Blooms are also an obvious choice, as well as the other Tiki booster (perhaps instead of the Embraces? But they are REALLY useful). Also considering Archers...

This deck seeks to carefully engage with the Sagamis, Grizzlies, and using the Wood Elementals for Taunt (Willows also?). Fortune Hunter and the Forges are scary when combined with Sagami combat bonuses and possible Embraces. This leads to a deck that can do very little wrong, and has a lot of possible good trades and options. It lacks the utility of other colors, to deal with threats and such, bigtime, but it feels pretty scary. The central card is actually probably Bone Collector, and they can get seriously frightening, but are vulnerable to removal/disabling/getting taunted and whittled down. What direction should I try to take things?

Edit: cards to comment on further (explaining myself): the Village Elders are nice to collect Faeria and keep my hand going, while feeding into Bone Collector. Grizzlies are nice meat walls or early aggression, not sure that they are essential thought, and something else like some Willows may fill a nice spot, or more synergy with the Blooms.
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You shoul try the n7 deck on the image Y/G sac you need proactive cards that have impact the same turn that are played, have only 1 win condition is very week you need much more pawer for that reason is good run soul eater with nice sac cards that sinergice well with bonecollector and buffs, that list run earthcraft for obius reason but my personal preference is village elder, I do not need three deserts, 3 mountains on turn 4 or 6 probably because my soul eater still weak so insteed i have 1 creature that can get faeria and sinergice well with all the cards, have fun