Deck idea : Maximize the value of Orosei

Hello guys. I tried fearia in the early access and really liked the game.

Here is the first deck I build seriously. I made it with the cards in my library and I’m sure it’s not optimize because of that. I need your help in order to improve it before crafting cards ^^

The idea is to maximize the value of orosei. In order to do this we have a lot of cheap harvesters that we can turn into biggest threats later. I’ve also included 2 creatures in 1 cards spells. I splashed yellow to acces to twin spirit because it’s very powerfull and synergic in this deck. There are some control, lifegain and draw cards that help to survive while waiting for orosei.

here is the deck :

Farm Boy x3
Ruby Fish x3
Soul Drain x3
Dark Stalker x2
Lore Thief x2
Spring Mochi x2
Healing Song x3
Aurora, Myth Maker x1
Twinsoul Spirit x3
Frogify x2
Gabrian Noble x2
Last Nightmare x1
Windfall x2
Orosei, Dream of the Deep x1

I hope you can help me :slight_smile:

Cool idea! There are a few thoughts that come to mind seeing this list.

Unbound evolution and mirror phantasm seem like they would be great fits. Unfortunately they are both epics, but if you can get them I think they would fit the theme and impact the deck in a powerful way.

Battle Toads also seems pretty good as it is 2 minions in 1.

Since you are running yellow I would suggest the sac outlet theme as well. Death walker and demon wrangler could be some nice ways of turning your small guys into big threats.

Does healing song really help you win any games? It seems kinda expensive to me.

How often are you able to cast dark stalker for 1? Seems like there are not many spells in the deck that you cast early on.

Cool deck, sorry if this was to much feedback! This deck idea just got me thinking.

To maximise the value of Orosei, you would ban cost-reductions. Best targets for evolution are creatures with gifts, and creatures with a high cost that preferably have already traded into something else and are low on HP. You want to aim for the best faeria-value cards. The 8f cost ones are the best from Evolving, which is evolving 6f creatures, 9 and 6 are average (both good and average creatures), 10 is not-so-bad, and 7 is to avoid (some really bad value cards).

So in this respect Gabrian Noble is especially good, Mirror Phantasm and the 4/6 that gives Protection as Gift are fine as well. However, 1-cost creatures (Farm Boys, Ruby Fish) can be good harvesters, but they will not evolve well (3-cost creas are pretty average, some 1/1 in the mix). Unless you need the harvest from them, you should cut them (and you have already quite a lot of 1 HP bodies, which means you’re very vulnerable to Groundshakers & co). Dark Stalkers are bad, because you’ll aim to play them for their reduced cost I believe, and thus they’ll evolve badly. Spring Mochis might have the same effect on high-cost creatures if you add them.
You may want to add Unbound Evolutions as well, to turn 4-costs into 6-costs which, if not good enough, will turn into 8-cost when you’ll play Orosei (which will then be guaranteed value).
Battle Toads can be good as well (2 more bodies to evolve, and 4-costs are not that bad, plus they’re good harvesters).

As a side note, Healing Song is a bad card, with terrible value, not worth playing in any deck. I’m not even sure it would be playable for 3f, even less for 4.

Of course, some of these cards are Epics, so you may not have them, still that’s the global idea if you want to maximise Orosei’s value.

Adding to what Fox said (for obvious reasons haha xD ), your actual deck would be completely burned down by a single Firestorm. So, small creatures only will probably a bad idea.

Heya Dudul.

I appreciate that the deck you’re about to build might become a challenging although rewarding experience. Against rush decks you’ll probably suffer somewhat from running two colors, from which you need 3 lands of each. And when playing against red you might need to always keep in mind if you’re at risk of being blown out by some of reds powerful AoE.

The deck looks fun though and I’d estimate that you’ll have a blast nonetheless whenever you manage to get your combo off. :smile:

Also; congrats on landing Aurora, Myth Maker - it’s a really solid legendary.

Finally, here are my thoughts on a version of your deck that should be fairly cheap to assemble given that you already have the key cards of the deck. If possible you might want to try and include Mirror Phantasms and Unbound Evolutions, as they’re really strong both in dealing with opposing creatures and in upgrading any of your own creatures that evolved into a sub-par upgrade.

(1) Farm Boy [-] x3
(2) Soul Drain [YY] x2
(3) Death Walker [YY] x3
(3) Lore Thief [BB] x3
(3) Water Elemental [B] x3
(3) Wind Soldier [YY] x2
(4) Battle Toads [BB] x3
(4) Twinsoul Spirit [BBB,YYY] x3
(4) Wandering Monk [-] x3
(9) Windfall [BB] x3

  • Orosei, Dream of the Deep
  • Aurora, Myth Maker

Best of luck

  • J

Thanks for your feedback :smiley: It’s always usefull.
I add a lot of 1 drop in order to submerge the opponent but drop 3 aren’t that powerfull indeed. Healing was here to dig into the deck as well as buying some time but 4 is too expensive I agree.
I didn’t face a lot of firestrom but that card ruin my entire deck… not good xD

I will try your list razael and even try to include some epics, I have already 1 mirror phantasms and unbound evolutions. Don’t hesitate to try this concept :slight_smile: