Deck Names

One of my favorite parts about building a deck is to come up with a creative or punny name for it, but this tends to be hard with Faeria’s short length limits (less than 15 characters I think) and small character set (can’t use apostrophes, slashes, ampersands, etc.).

Would it be problematic to expand the name length to 25 characters and/or allow all/most of the “standard” keyboard characters to be used in deck names?

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It is so true !! :rubyfish:

Longer names would be a great idea, and more characters available such as following : é è ê ë à â ù ü û ï î ô… Without it, we can’t use properly many languages (such as mine, which is french, but so many others too).

And expanding name’s length would allow more different countries to feel part of this system, especially the ones where words are often longer (finnish ?).