Deckbuilder's delight tournament anyone?

Hi all, I’ve been furiously playing faeria for about a month now with middling results. Love the game, and all aspects of the faeria world. I’d like to host a small tournament to test out what I consider the ultimate tournament format I can think of. I’m looking for 3 others to try out the format with me.

The format is as follows:

Each player submits a roster of 60 cards, 24 hours before the tournament begins. Rosters are published for all players to see at the same time and each player can only form decks from those 60 cards for the entire tournament.

Matches are a four out of seven games. The winner of each game must play the same deck for the following game. The loser can form any deck of 30 cards from their roster for the next game. The games are played five minutes after the previous one has ended. So the loser of each game has 5 minutes to form a deck that beats the opponents deck.

For the trial tourney, I’d like to play a round robin that determines seedings for knock out semi finals and finals.

It’s a pretty involved tourney, not a quick thing, but I think it would be a pretty satisfying event that encompasses all the
things we love about faeria. Anybody want to try it out? We can play it through friends matches at a prearranged date good for all who are interested.

Anyone interested can respond here or message rpele thru a friend request. Thanks all for your time and may all the draws be with you.


Sounds good. A bit like pandora, without the treasures. I might be interested.

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Definitely sounds interesting, like the old Solar Rumble tournaments. When you say 60 cards, do you mean 60 total cards (including multiples) or 60 unique cards?

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thanks for the time and responses, 60 total including multiples is what I was thinking. The rosters would form standard ladder decks.

This sounds supremely interesting, and it tests more of your deck building skills than your run off the mill tournament. A capital idea

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Sounds very interesting @rpele

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thanks for the responses and kind comments everyone. Does anybody want to commit to trying it out next week sometime?

Sadly, as fun as it sounds, I have an inflexible schedule and summer classes. Although, if you stream it on twitch, I will gladly tune in, even if I won’t be watching the whole time

Helllo rpele im kind of new, but i know the basics, if u need someone to try out ill be glad, my ingame name is ferxuS u can add me and we talk and try out, or u tell me how to :smiley:

Thanks for the replies. Val, all the best with your studies. FeruxS, I’ll friend you later today and we can get started at your convenience.

Sounds great, just let me know when is the tournament

Sure will, early next week sometime ok? Also please post what time zone you’re in. Have a great one.