When I play Faeria I sometimes play angaist players who are playing bad decks, I hope this post will help them.

  1. Play removal: Whenever an oponent plays a creature that is too big you don’t always have the number of creatures to remove it, Last nigtmare and frogify are exelent removal seifer’s wrath too, only in green there is no removal I think, so when you play green you should add an extra color, exept if you play an agro deck (only creatures). Creatures and spells that deal 1 damage aren’t that bad: you can always remove low health creatures. you always should have 2 or more removal cards in your deck, if you play control even more.

  2. Play buff cards for your creatures: those cards can keep your greatest creatures in life, your opponent will need to play removal of sacrefice creatures to remove your creature. You can too use it to make suprise attacks: your opponent can’t know that you are going to buff your creature next turn and that you will remove his creature. You should play 2-5 or more in a deck.

  3. You don’t need to add your legendary’s of the colors you play: they maybe don’t are necessary in your deck.

  4. When you are building a deck you can look at the craft menu: maybe there are cards you better would craft that are realy nice in your deck. Don’t do this too much you can lose all your dust to craft cards.

  5. Cards like earthcraft can provide you a quicker start up.

  6. Always play creatures this card type should be the most in your deck (exept in event decks)

  7. Playing your cards three times in a deck will give you less choise for your cards, but it will garant more chance to draw that card.

I hope this helped you in building decks.

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