Decks of the Monthly Cup - January 2017 season

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Monthly Cup #8 took place February 11th, 2017.

The top four players were as follows:

  1. Maihem
  2. Imperia
  3. xyz
  4. Kahilian

Here is a brief breakdown of the decks used by these top players:

#Maihem’s decks

Quote from Maihem:

The main idea of that line up was to counter some card of the new meta (Altar of souls, Lord of death, and all good creature with 3 attack or less). I was thinking about play the Blue first, but after reflection, I think it was too dangerous cause of the 3 aggro decks really present on the ladder (Green Rush, Yellow Rush, RedMid). So I preferred choose the one who can face it. This Yellow Rush was made by one of my teammates in Faeria Tales Team: Trec. The idea was to use and abuse the altar power. Three Choking Sand seems to fit well to the meta, we don’t play Last Nightmare because 6/1 are there to kill too big creature. For my second deck, I take my classical Red Yellow Burn Combat Mobility. This deck is still really strong, I just put some Derelict Towers in to fit the meta one more time. And finally, Blue7 splash Garu. I love that deck so much, its really with that kind of deck we can feel the true happiness of playing Faeria. I abandoned the idea of play the Dream Reaver. Seems to me better to play on a high mobility of Blue (Sunken Tower and all those jump/charge/fly). Just 1 Aurora’s Creation as a surprise card, and we see in the final it was nice for the show! I want say thanks to all my team, for the lot of fun we took and the nice training we did. And thanks Abrakam for that amazing game.

#Imperia’s Decks

#xyz’s Decks

#Kahilian’s Decks

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