Defeat the final three world bosses

Well, I think I have a deck that can defeat all three of the final bosses. Survival requires insanely exact card draws, but that’s how these were designed. I’ll provide the listing and then a tactical walk-through.

The Deck

The deck depends on boosting tough creatures and then Gabrian Enchantment for the win. I tried it without the blue for consistency, but there was just no way. I would love to include Dragonslayer but I have yet to own one!

Oh, and you don’t need Mythics. I think three of my included cards are fancy, but that’s it.

3x Falcon Dive
3x Hold the Line
1x Defender of the Homeland
2x Ruunin’s Shrine
3x Gaea’s Grace
3x Ruunin’s Guidance
3x Shamanic Dance
3x Elderwood Embrace
3x Living Willow
3x Possessed Ursus
3x Gabrian Enchantment


Raizeon has 40 health and you need to take him down in one turn or lose all your lands. There is no recovering from that. The other trick is that after turn six you will get hit with Godfire Storm, which does 10 damage to all your creatures. You play around this by either a) waiting until after turn 6 to play Ursus, or b) having an Ursus with sufficient health on the board at the time. The former is actually easier, since you can save up the perfect hand to play Ursus after the storm. Pump his Health to 20 or more, play Gabrian Enchantment and then Falcon Dive your own bear. It’s actually not difficult.


Jalmyr has 50 life and will steal any critter that hits him. So again you need to hit the orb with enough to kill him in one swing. Possessed Ursus is again the best bet. The huge obstacle to overcome is that the cost of your cards increases every turn they are in your hand. So you need the cheapest possible cards. That influenced my deck design.

The strategy is to lay forests and lakes straight up the middle, or almost straight. This depends on where Jalmyr plays his first Wandering Monk, since this will be a 7/5 to start. This threat needs to be avoided initially. Otherwise it takes down the Ursus health so much he is useless.

The best play is to put out a Living Willow early, to buy time and maybe take out a couple of annoyances. Don’t be afraid to use up your faeria pumping it up. Soon those cards will be too expensive to use and dead in your hand. Getting to 5 power to kill the first huge Monk is important.

Your opponent does you a favour by playing Hunted Outlaw. This is a good second target for the Willow, as it gives you card and faeria advantage. I use this to ramp up my Ursus, which should be the second critter played. I added the Ruunin Shrines, as these tip the balance again slightly in your own favour and help counter the cost creep of cards in hand.

You need to draw into an Ursus at just the right time, boost his health with all the pump cards in order to get to 13 or more. Then use Gabrian Enchantment. From here you need to kill one creature and then Falcon Dive the bear. Voila! You have over 50 attack and can kill Jalmyr.

You will lose if your foe plays a Doom Scythe.


Against this insane deck you use the Falcon Dive’s offensively to pop bubbles, and the Gabrian Enchantment likewise to whittle down the enormous power you will be facing. You win through taunts, of which there are 14 in the deck. You don’t have enough creatures and so need to be extremely lucky to get the right ones at the right time against the array of offence. This is actually a bad deck for this boss.

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I actually wrote this up last night (Friday) but had to sleep before posting. In the meantime I have found the post by J0k3se. A different approach without the green pump cards. Instead Punishment, Plague Bearer, Famine, Queen’s Assassin. This would actually make the Survival round much much easier, but the other two harder IMO.

Howevver, Sagami Grovecaller is not needed. I experimented with speed cards but there is no advantage to racing, as you need time to develop the Ursus.

I have been trying Jalmyr for over a month now - using a similar deck but not exactly the same as I didn’t want to look up the Hub.

Not that it matters. I tried about fifty times (yes, fifty. Not fifteen) now I think. While the draws required are fine - sure it doesn’t always happen but once every few battles I get the stars to align, which is often enough.
No, it’s that godforsaken Doom Scythe which is seriously pissing me off. The AI always - literally always, no exceptions - has it the turn before I can kill him.

It is no longer amusing. It is downright frustrating.

I’m in the exact same case than Aasgier : no matter the strategy that I use, the only decks that give me a chance to kill Jalmyr are always attacked by “bubbled” powerful cards, and if I can manage to survive, the boss just throw a Doom Scythe every time that the game sees that I’ll win…

Every “How to kill Jalmyr WB” tutorial that I find are pretty old, so I’m starting to think that between nerfed cards and adjusted boss powers, that one is not killable anymore ?

Actually none of the cards that are required to do it have been nerfed, so you can still do it.

In the end it’s just a matter of trying - I did eventually succeed after writing that post.

Just tried this again and beat Jalmyr in three tries. Deck is similar to above, but I took out the defensive cards (Gaea’s Grace and Hold the Line) and put in more self-damage (Famine and Plague Bearer). There’s no need for blue at all. The deck runs off two forests.

3x Falcon Dive
3x Famine
3x Plague Bearer
3x Court Jester
3x Outland Ranger

3x Ruunin’s Shrine
3x Ruunin’s Guidance
3x Shamanic Dance
3x Elderwood Embrace
3x Possessed Ursus

Strategy is much more straight-forward. Basically, go face with a Bear, killing everything on the way.

Discard for Ursus and Shrine. Turn one, play forest. If you have only Court Jester and Ursus in hand, play it to pump the Bear. Otherwise, play Shrine. Otherwise, play nothing.

Turn 2, play your second Forest straight up the middle. Play Shrine plus the Amulet you are given. Four free Faeria. Play Ursus and as many pump cards as you have. At this point I had a 5/14 Bear.

If you don’t have the Bear turn 2, surrender and try again. You need him quickly to start killing. You don’t absolutely need a Shrine. As I am typing this I tried again, and won without one (on my third try).

Turn 3 you can play plains, one straight up, the other to the side. If you have Jester, he can move off to be a collector. Step forward with Ursus and kill the Wandering Monk if it’s there. Play out all pump cards you can. This includes Ranger, who can be a collector if you don’t have a Jester. Collecting is secondary to the +1/+1 pump.

Turn 4 ditto. Jester collects. If you killed another foe, the bear is now 20/5 or so. There might be bubbled enemies, but who cares. They tend to be defensive the first turn. This is when you can play a Joker to taunt them. Or pop the bubble with one of the many means you have at your disposal.

Turn 5, some dude might hit you. Fine, the Bear has almost no health but does 40 damage. Use Falcon Dive or Famine and win.

A play-through.

No Bear by turn 3, so concede. You have 9 draws (including a full discard) to get Ursus. But sometimes, you just don’t.

turn 3 a 7/16 Ursus ran into the 7/5 Monk = 14/9
turn 4, Outland Ranger, use boost, kill King’s Guard taunting the bear = 30/7
turn 5, Embrace and kill another Guard = 64/8
turn 6, Ranger, play boost, finally step forward = 65/9
turn 7, Guidance, Famine for fun = 134/10

Turn 2, Court Jester plus Ursus = 3/10
turn 3 Embrace kill the 7/5 = 10/7
turn 4 Embrace, kill Guard = 24/8
Turn 5, play Plague Bearer and step forward
turn 6, sacrifice the Plague dude, Falcon Dive, hit for 96

no Bear, concede

Turn 2, Bear plus Embrace = 3/12
Turn 3, Embrace, kill 7/5 Monk = 10/9
Turn 4, Shamanic Dance, Falcon Dive = 20/12. Nothing to kill.
Turn 5, Shamanic Dance, kill Outlaw in my way = 40/12. Play Plague Bearer.
Turn 6, Plague dude sacrifices, play Falcon Dive for no reason = 160/9

Turn 2, Court Jester plus Ursus = 3/10
Turn 3, Shamanic Dance, 2 Shrines (1 cost each but still worth it), Famine, kill big Monk = 12/6
Turn 4, still have no boost cards, so step away from a bubbled enemy and play Plague Bearer
Turn 5, Ranger, Campfire = 13/7. Sacrifice Plague Bearer (risky as it kills both little dudes I have) = 26/5. Am now one step from the orb.
Turn 6, Falcon dive = 52/4

This deck kills it.

Raizeon = Play lakes and play Dream Reaver to get him to reset the board. Now he only has 10 life.
It’s hard, but doable.

Survival = Use creatures with death touch. There a creature that 0/4 that prevents you from dying and is destroyed instead.

Jalmyr = Still working on him. I was planning on using Dream Reaver, but he made it cost 99 and said, “No Cheating.”

Edit: Beat him, add punishment to replace some of those cards.