Defenders of the homeland

My neutral rush has come to fruition, with a little mobility from blue;

x1 Time of Legends
x3 Defender of the Homeland (MUST BE MYTHIC)
x2 court jester
x2 safeguard
x2 daring adventurer
x3 war yak
x2 queens guard
x3 steamforge enforcer
x2 siege engine
x3 shifting tide
x3 triton banquet
x2 gabrian enchanment
x3 triton banquet
x1 aurora, mythmaker .

You want to play the board tactically, going in for rush but with the mobility for tactical retreat and well-control.

If you can sucker your opponent into ‘racing’ you to the death with orb hits, with your war yaks or steamforge enforcers, then you can play defenders of the homeland to slow them down, (also have jester and queen’s guard for their taunt, as well.)

conversely if you get a siege engine early, you can A) play him from of your orb or B) play him north of one of your wells in a double collection spot to defend your orb against rushes, which also works well. shifting tide synergizes extremely well with this card as well.

You have to maximize your tactical advantage with plains and blue mobility to overcome colored cards that are usually much more powerful.

Be careful not to charge right in vs red or green, which often have more powerful creatures! you’ll want to play those back a space until you have some kind of initiative, (safeguard, triton’s banquet, or shifting tide, or even a cheap taunt)