Delete my account


Since I didn’t find any option to close my Abrakam Account anywhere, I’m gonna aks it here: please delete my account, e-mail adress and all my data from your servers, in compliance to the new General Data Protection Regulation of Europe.
Also think about providing an easy option to do this.
Best regards


Please see here for information on how to submit a request to delete your account:

Check under “Accessing, changing, updating or deleting your Data”



Thank you for your answer.

I checked the document you linked and found the section “Accessing, …”.

There is a link to a form (

Unfortunaly, this link is dead in Firefox and Microsoft Edge. Google returns a 404 - page not found.

Could you please look into this?


Ok, once I do this you will no longer be able to post here. I think.

You can contact me at

Your account is now deleted.


i want mine account deleted too


Are you sure it’s a good link? I don’t see anything about Privacy Policy there.

Maybe something changed since then on that website?


If you want your account deleted directly, email with your account details.