Demon Wrangler: D -> DWW

I believe this card is pretty powerful for how quickly you can access it. You generally get the best value by sacrificing a 1F worth of stats creature. The Oversky expansion made it even easier to get efficient sacrifice targets with cards like Flash Salmon. My suggestion for nerfing it would be to delay its power spike by making it require DWW rather than just D.

In Y Rush, it would delay it by a turn. Most decks struggle dealing with multiple bodies in the early turns, so this would give them a bit more time to deal with the swarm of creatures.

In GY Sac, it would slow down their defense and faeria collection in the early turns. It would give a slightly better chance to other aggressive decks to able to push through the creatures of this very defensive deck that already has a very strong late game. Also not having a flying creature (Demon Wing) in the early turns would reduce the faeria collection of this deck that needs to be building special lands to get to Soul Eaters, effectively slowing down the deck.

Discussion is welcome. :slight_smile:

As a side note, I believe Lord of the Wastes doesn’t have the same problems as Demon Wrangler has since it requires a higher faeria threshold to get the reduction for playing it cheaply and you lose a creature in the process making it easier for your opponent to get back board control in the earlier turns.