Developer/Community Site Kit?

Is there any developer/community site kit i.e. full card list with text, art etc.

Basically, I’m considering to make a search engine for Faeria cards where players can translate into Japanese (as I did for other games like HEX, Spellweaver).

Do we have any kit like this?


I’ve found this some months ago, when I was searching for deck ideas:

I’m not sure, however, whether the cards are up to date.

Sadly not up to date, Three Wishes if even missing.

I always used FaeriaWiki, but that one didn’t get an update since the last changes (however, everyone can edit it).

Thank you both for reply. Usually developers provide image kit/link or even api so I was hoping Faeria had one. But it sounds like not yet.

Heya, we have the following public resources for you to use:



Hope this helps!

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This is exactly what I needed. Thank you.