Development: Groundshaker? Skyshaker?!

Okay, so this Groundshaker just killed all my 1-Health wisps. How is that possible? It’s just not plausible.

This is old Groundshaker:

Land Requirement: 2 Mountains
Faeria Cost: 6
Power: 5
Health: 6
Deal 1 damage to ALL enemies.

This is new Groundshaker:

Land Requirement: 3 Mountains
Faeria Cost: 5
Power: 5
Health: 5
Gift: Deal 1 damage to all adjacent non-flying enemy creatures.

Iona and the wisps are saved! Make it happen!

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Thinking of Iona’s all good, but you forgot the Ruby Fish, and that poor Farm Boy I put on an island separate from the continent ! make it damage non-Flying creatures on lands connected to Groundshaker :wink:

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All lands are connected via tectonic plates :dizzy_face:

Poor Farm Boy… this isn’t right! Someone, save him!

Added Taunt to the “real” Groundshaker. Compared to Grove Guardian, new Groundshaker is around the same power level.

Groundshaker is fine as it is.

Plausability is a good intention, but if there is no problem with a card’s effect balancewise (and you didn’t point out any), leave it as it is.
If you just seek plausibility, then it should suffice to change the card’s name to something, that makes more sense in terms with its effect. :wink:

But is Groundshaker balanced in its current format ?
Often (if not always) a x3 in a non-rush red deck, sometimes splashed along with Garudan (2 mountains just for these), pretty effective board clear along with other blasts, leaving a strong body which makes it even a decent if not powerful harvester. And it’s even a burn tool as it damages opponent as well. All of this with no recoil. It’s good enough to be played for killing one creature only.
I’d say it may depend on the metas, but for me Groundshaker has always been between (too?) strong and OP …

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True, it’s a really strong card, but then this is the point that needs to be discussed, not the plausability, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Regarding the AoE I wouldn’t change it. AoE’s are a necessity for games like this. And there isn’t too much AoE in Faeria to begin with.

I agree though that the body is kind of a big deal, if it goes along with such a strong gift.
Take Verduran Force for an example: It’s considered a very strong card; it’s hard to clear with 7 hp and the 7 attack threaten to finish your orb within 3 turns. (So, in regards of 6 -> 7 attack, don’t think of 1 attackpoint only, but of crossing an important threshold!)
Groundshaker comes along with a 5/6 body at the exactly same cost. So the question to ask is: Is a -2/-1 statwise enough of a downside in order to justify such a strong gift?

I’d say making it a 5/5, 4/6 (favourite, as it stays strong vs low hp, high attack = rush; think demon wing etc.; on the other hand, it needs 5 turns, instead of 4 to finish am orb) or even 4/5 should be enough to even it out.
Or leave the body as it is and make it 7f 2m or 6f and 3m - I’d prefer it to remain splashable, though. The other colors have close to none access to AoE cards already (and none that doesn’t damage your own minions).
On another note, if it actually is splashed in a lot of non-red decks, then the problem may as well be the meta containing too many very low health creatures (rush), so a nerf to groundshaker may indirectly buff the already very prevalent decks on the ladder. Maybe it’s just considered strong, because it is one of the rare (and therefore necessary) counters against some prevalent ladder decks?

Also, remember, an op card should be nerfed, sure, but there’s nothing wrong if it remains a strong (not op) card. Not necessary to nerf an interesting card into unviability.
So if you’re going to nerf a card because it gives too much value, give it slight nerf and see how it turns out. Removing like 1/4 of its value - without any cost compensation - is often the same as removing the card from the game.

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Well, I truly wondered : what if groundshaker did blast you and your minions as well ? Red doesn’t play many 1 hp minions (if not at all), so I don’t think it would be that big of a nerf, but it would make you think twice about slamming the Groundshaker (at least you get a 1hp recoil).
After all, Garudan and Firestorm are both already AoEs that leave your stuff untouched, but maybe those should be the ones to address instead … Devs’ call, once again.
Making it a 7-cost would firtthe 7+ theme (not sure if that would be a “real” nerf or even a good idea, though), the 3m requirement, I don’t like at all on the other hand. Changing its stats to 4/6 I kinda like it too, It makes it struggle against Grim Guards, Phantasms … Might be too much of a nerf, though.
What I dislike is not that it’s strong, many cards are. It’s that it’s borderline OP at high level, and totally unforgiving to new collections & players (it’s Epic, and there is no control card close in power to Groundshaker under Epic level)

I like this idea, mostly for plausability but also because I do think groundshaker needs a nerf. It trades very well for its cost but also doubles as a board wipe and even face damage. It is just to flexible and powerful as it is now.