Development: Last Nightmare Changes

I feel Last Nightmare is too efficient of a removal card. For a cost of 6 Faeria, the user can swiftly destroy any creature in the game. That just doesn’t feel right. It’s a bit overpowered in my opinion.

Currently, Last Nightmare has the following faeria cost and effect:

Faeria Cost: 6
Destroy a creature.

If I could balance this card, this is what it would look like:

Faeria Cost: 5
Reduce a creature’s health to 1. Target creature can not move or attack. At the start of your turn, destroy it.

Unless the user can swiftly deal the killing blow, the target creature will remain on the board for one turn. This gives your opponent a way to salvage the event or soften the blow (Unbound Evolution, Death Walker, creature has Production ability, etc).

Why would we do that?
6 faeria is fine for one autokill

well you either have to harvest atleast 2 wells n heropower into nrg or you have to skip a turn.
thats pretty much to kill a single creature.
n usually its only worth it vs overbuffed stuff like green used to.

you might join the firestorm conversation if you like to talk bout real broken stuff. :smiley: