Development: New Mechanic for Choking Sand

Choking Sand should be renamed to ‘Quicksand’. Currently, Choking Sand has the following effect:

Destroy a creature with 3 Attack or less.

Quicksand has the following effect:

Destroy a non-flying creature on your Desert tile with 4 Health or less. Add a random yellow card to your hand. It costs 1 less.

This adds an element that is missing from Faeria, and that is the board’s ability to interact with the on-board creatures. I think it’d make for some very interesting plays, and it has synergy with Desert Twister! In retrospect, I feel Last Nightmare is too efficient of a removal card, and it should be changed. Quicksand will fills its place.

I never thought about this card getting a change to non-flying, but Groundshaker for sure needs this one!

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But why “3 attack or more” ?

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Wow, I completely missed that one!

Well, that makes it a whole new card. I guess it’s to give green a small advantage, as it can’t get rid of an enemy Willow anymore.

However, a 4 cost card that gets rid of everything big is way too strong. 4 power or higher might work as there are many 3 power creatures and it would allow to buff a 1/1 without being in reach of it.

I must admit, though, I thought that had been an official change at first haha xD

It wasn’t supposed to be ‘more’. I don’t know why I wrote ‘more’ instead of ‘less’. Thank you for pointing it out.

Willow certainly is a big problem for Yellow and its many 1/2 Health creatures.

Yeah, it’s true that does synergise with Twister, but really, a 2-card combo that requires 5 deserts to kill a 3-atk or less creature for 3 ? No, thanks. That would be death of the card for sure. It would be played as tech card against Yellow (only reliable when opponent just played a creature on his own desert), otherwise that would be too random. And why non-flying ? That’s even worse ! And if you’re looking at the logical side of things ,let’s say that flying creatures can’t remain in the air in permanence, most of the time they’re landed (otherwise, how would land/aquatic creatures be able to attack them ?)
Btw, why are you talking of Last Nightmare ? Did you mean Choking Sand instead ?

He changed the effect in his starting post, making this discussion impossible to follow. Before the change the card said:
“destroy a non-flying creature with power 3 or more” just to clear things up.

You’re right that it’s a straight up nerf. Some players will opt not to use it, but that’s not the point. Yellow has way too many fast cards. Their events are fast, and their followers have Haste. There is no balance here. If Yellow is the fastest and most efficient, it would always be the go-to color for rush decks. What about red rush? Green rush? Why would we use a different color for a rush deck when Yellow is clearly ahead?

Killing a creature on your opponent’s Desert tile with this card was unintended. It’s supposed to work only on the user’s own Desert tiles. It has now been fixed.

Using two cards to kill one creature is lame, so I have made the necessary adjustment.

A creature’s health is easier to be manipulated, so the attack requirement has been changed to a health requirement.

Yes, I was talking about Last Nightmare.

And no, it depends on your perspective. Land and aquatic creatures can’t attack a flying creature, but how could a flying creature attack a grounded or submerged creature? For combat to occur, the flying creature will have to land. Some would argue that the flying creature would use a ranged attack in battle, but they forgot to mention that the card’s tooltips has no Ranged listed.

And, it has been changed again!

I still disagree with the changes. first, the card would still be bad, then we don’t need another “add a random card from X color”, we’ve got enough already (Spellwhirl, Ruunin’s Messenger …). That’s not a sane mechanic anyway.

And sorry to tell you, since last patch Green rush is quite strong as well (I’d even favor it against Yellow rush), and Red rush is very strong too (better than Yellow or Green against decks that swarm creas, like Sacrifice or Mono-Blue).

And I agree it depends on perspective, in MTG, Flying can only be attacked by Flying (well, that’s blocking instead of attacking, and some creatures have Reach, but that’s the same). In Faeria, any creature can attack any creature as long as it’s in range. That may have no meaning, but that’s the gameplay they chose. Groundshaker deals damage to both Flying and Aquatic, and creatures on lands that may not be linked to Groundshaker. Maybe that isn’t completely logical, but that’s how the devs have done it until now. Anyway, that’s just to say that the card would already be bad enough for not targetting Flying. And btw I’d really want to know how a Flying would use a ranged attack, as it would logically have to get in range in order to attack…

The “add a random yellow card” is just fluff. I think it deserves a better effect to balance out the slow nature of the card, but I’m running out of ideas.

The 1-Forest requirement on Ruunin’s Messenger is insane. Maybe that’s just what green rush needed, and we’ll see how it develop.