Development: Reworked Garudan

Current Garudan:

Charge 2
Gift: Deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures.

Reworked Garudan:

Charge 2
Gift: Choose a space. Deal 3 damage to all enemy creatures on or adjacent to that space.


I don’t mind good topics about card changes, but you are kinda bombing us with all sorts of changes with no background or reasoning behind it. If you have a change in mind, then you better have a some good reasons for it.

@ Change
Salamander is already fitting this spot, so no thanks.


I think you are confusing the two. Salamander only deals damage to enemy creatures that are adjacent to it. ‘Choose a space’ is not limited to Garudan’s adjacent land tiles. In other words, you could pick any tile on the map, and Garudan would deal its damage to that space and the tiles adjacent to it. It’s not the same as Salamander or the old 3/6 Salamander.

I post what I think is good for the community to view. Whether it’s a good topic or a bad topic, it’s not up for one single person to decide. If you think my opinion is not allowed here, then you should talk to the moderator about it.

Putting the Salamander into the space I want or choosing a space is different, but still very similar. You could also say it’s like Meteor, but with damage instead of destroying everything. Point is, all that is already there and not unique.

Also, I’m not here to tell you whatever you have to do and that wasn’t my intend, but if you want to have a good discussion / topic, you need to put some thoughts into it and if you want to help, then that’s even more important.

No offense, but I for one will hesitate touching such topics of yours, as it feels like spam without much thought behind it.

No offense here either, but I second H8Man.
You’re not talking about minor changes, but complete reworks, with no ground or explanations behind them. I’m not saying these change are good or bad, but why would it be a good idea ? In which way is this one different from the Firestorm change you mentioned in another topic ?

Well, my own opinion on this change is that the poor dragon will never be played because its so underwhelming (taking back what I said about Firestorm in the other post, it would fit none of the 2 scenarios I pointed out, namely Rrush and counter-Yrush). Well, that’s my opinion, maybe I’m missing something, some scenario or whatever.

Garudan is fine, he is a 10 faeria card.
He should be good.

I think that the card is mostly fine as is.

My only issue is how easy it is to slam it into every kind of deck. Regardless if the deck is green, blue or yellow, combo, control or mid-range … there way too often seems to be room for Garudan as well.

I’d say that increasing the Mountains requirement to cast it, to 3,4 or 5 would be a nice tweak to an otherwise solid card.

It’s in line with other dragons (all have same stats, same base abilities, same cost, same requirements). I doubt that will change, it would be weird.
The thing to change would be the effect, just like Orosei’s and Azarai’s have been changed. To remain in the Red archetype it could be give 2 attack to each of your creatures (Aggro style), or 3 atk to each 7+ cost creature on the field, or in you hand and deck (7+ archetype style), or give range to each of your creatures (Ranged style), or deal 2 damage to enemy God for each creature he has on the board (burn style) … or something else. But I really feel the current Garudan is too strong.

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Garudan is obviously too strong. His gift is the same as Firestorm which costs 6f3M. It’s way too overpowered compared to other dragons. He is the only one dragon that is able to slay Sharra the DRAGONSLAYER btw xd That card is so ridiculous that it’s used even in decks like mono-blue. It’s on-play effect ought to be nerfed.

Following your logic, Garudan itself takes the spot of firestorm, which by the way, needs 3M for the same effect. Garudan being 2M can play into almost any deck and thats wrong.

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That’s one big reason why I’ve always said that Firestorm should be changed (there’s a pretty long topic about it).

I’ve seen Garudan too much lately. It just seems way too easy to use him.

It seems to me that Garudan has too much value for his cost, and requiring only 2 mountains to play makes him far too versatile. He can be played early game in a mono-red deck, or be easily added to any deck that can spare only 2 mountains.

If the only thing you did with his Gift was kill a single 3 health unit, that’s still good value. But in almost all cases you’re getting much more value than that. Let’s compare his cost to the cost of playing a Firestorm plus a strong creature.

Firestorm: 6 faeria, requires 3 mountains
Strong creature: ~7 faeria
Total cost: 13 faeria, 2 cards, requires 3 mountains


Garudan: 10 faeria, requires 2 mountains

Garudan is far superior to the 2 card combination. He costs 3 faeria less, and uses 1 less card, plus he only requires 2 mountains, allowing him to be played sooner and/or easier than Firestorm.

At the least I would like to see Garudan require 3 mountains to play. Increasing his cost or reducing his effectiveness may also be necessary.

Disagree that Garudan needs any kind of change or balancing whatsoever. At 10 mana, the effect should be pretty big, and it is - compare to any other Gift creature of cost 8+ (except Orosei, which is barely usable and probably should get a rework of some sort, and Red Devil, which is a bit underpowered but probably needs to be kept so because of its excellent synergy with Red Cost Reduction).

The comparisons to Firestorm are fair, but the conclusion some of you guys are drawing is wrong IMO - the cost of a 6/6ish colored creature usually tends to be around 4 Faeria plus satisfy some kind of condition - e.g. Gabrian Archon (play expensive cards), Red Devil (bottle mana before playing), and Aurora, Myth Maker (have a token creature existing on the board). Like Red Devil, Garudan’s 6/6 creature requires you to bottle some mana first, and because of its high overall mana commitment as well as the fact that it requires a good opponent setup to be playable, it seems reasonable to tack on Charge 2 and Flying.