DeviantArt Card Contest Review

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DeviantArt Card Contest Review

The winners of the DeviantArt Card Contest have been decided! If you missed it, check out Atmaz’s results post here.

I’d reviewed a lot of the submissions on my stream during last week and was very impressed with the creativity and passion of the community. This review is split into two parts. The first part I’ll look at artwork and the second part I’ll look at card text.

Let’s take a look at the talented artwork produced by our community.



What I really like about Kaghogre’s art is the use of colour. Each card captures the theme of their element or the character. Ashkay is a warm and passive figure, Gabrian Spellthief shows off his treasures with golden armour while Land Eater is an intense red worm.

Grove Digger is one of my favourite submission. It’s a fine piece of art which captures a unique vision of Faeria’s magical world. I love the cloaked skeleton, especially the flower growing out of his skull. He might be undead but that flower binds him to the forest’s will.


Bob Ross would be proud of the fantastic landscape art Evandowning has produced. Terraforming captures that Bob Ross style with happy little trees, relaxing on a cool day in the mountains. Living Path walks us through a forest transitioning to the Autumn season. The depth of field in this work is spot on and both cards have a sense of peace and tranquility.


Mauthanh’s Lar, Son of Sand is a simplistic piece of art but that only compliments the style. This piece is reminiscent of ancient Egyptian wall art which is very fitting for a desert themed character. Lar reminds me of the protagonist from the game ‘Journey’ with his red cloak and beady eyes.


This might not be original artwork but it has been brilliantly photo-shopped. Krog looks surprisingly happy now he’s got the body of frog which adds to the comedy. Notice how Seifer has replaced Aurora in the background. It’s perfect!

Card Text


Noaphiel produced four Yak cards for the competition but Poison Yak is my favourite. The ability is very interesting because it can punish creatures who are out of position. The poison ability is checked by ‘curing’ it when collecting Faeria. Damage over time abilities are rare in card games but digital card games have the tools to make them work over their physical counter parts.


I’m a big fan of powerful abilities that are a double-edged sword. Fractral Phantasm can benefit hugely from power-ups but doubles up when taking event damage. This makes the card high risk versus high reward but can potentially snowball out of control in certain match-ups.


Who would have known that Checker’s is a game fueled by evil? Evil Checker Piece is overpowered but it is a Pandora treasure. I love how well the movement of a checker piece translates into Faeria thanks to the Jump mechanic. Position your creatures badly and this card could wipe your board in a few jumps.

That wraps up my art review from the DeviantArt Competition. Well done to all the entrants and I look forward to your future entries.


The submissions were great. But I was appalled by the lack of yaks.
Hope to see more next contest :slight_smile:

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@Aquablad Thanks for the review Aqua!

@Aquablad Thanks! They were fun to paint. :slight_smile:

Lmfao “Evil Checkers Piece”