Dev's playing my counter decks in ladder

so I log on, go on a winning streak rank 3 -> 2, nearing 1,

absolutely massacring the opposition,

and then all of the sudden I start encountering unique decks that are all strong counter decks, taking massive advantage of the fact that I don’t run minor removal, (ie soul drain.)

I don’t think it’s a coincidence because these decks would in turn be massacred by red-burn decks (loaded with removal,) and yellow-tactical decks that dominate the ladder in ranks 1-5.

so I don’t know how these decks are magically appearing in such an almost impossibly likely spot. Further, as soon as I switch over to THEIR hard-counter deck, these strange hands suddenly disappear and I am faced with red burn again, and again, and again, (which my main deck handles pretty well.)

the thing is I was trying so hard to hit ‘god rank’ with my deck … my pride and joy…

so, for making me a paranoid schizophrenic, I’d like to request 20k in-game gold for my unwitting participation and consequent frustration.

Oh wow, that’s quite the luck. I hope the 20k gold thing is a joke, though. :grin:

While the developers do play on the ladder, they by no means monitor what people are playing beforehand and select decks based on that information.

That wouldn’t be any fun at all. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, why would they counter people (plural) when they can just dedicate themselves to exclusively countering their arch nemesis, DavidFindley! :smiling_imp: