Devs please be careful

You just launched your game, and sold a pack on steam. Now you are telling us we have to preorder more?

I am mostly F2P. I am going to spend money if its a good value, where its needed. I personally believe paying more than 50 - 60 bucks for any game is ludicrous, because I could buy a great console game for that price and get 150 hours out of it.

Be very careful, or you will lose the great user base you have just started to build


I think the ability to buy things is fine, it just seems so soon.

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I totally agree. It makes it seem like they’re only in for quick money.
I really love this game and I would gladly give my money but for cosmetic things only.
Using the say business model as Hearthstone is not the way to go in my opinion.

I think one of the things to remember is that a lot of people have been playing in the beta/early access phase for a year. If they bought all the cards for $50 dollars and have been playing for a year already, they are probably bored. You might say “But it’s there fault for paying for all those cards upfront, or they didn’t have to play all through the beta” But I don’t think this is a good way to think about. In other games people complain all the time about games only offering things to new players and leaving the veterans out. Without the people who beta tested, kickstarted, paid for the game in early access (which is a time when a game is a lot less of a sure thing) We wouldn’t be able to enjoy the game now. It’s weird to think of a game as having veterans this early into the release but it true. While we might have only been able to enjoy the game for a little over a week but some people have been playing far longer. Maybe this expansion is as much for them as it is for all the other people that just started playing this game.

Another thing to understand is that you have until May 9th to preorder which is still a little less than 2months away. So the window is pretty big. I don’t know anyones financial situation so I don’t want to say it’s not hard to scrape up 8.99 for the pioneer pouch (I’m being totally serious, $8.99 for a digital card game is completely out of some peoples budgets). But that time frame for most people who are willing to spend a little bit of money is reasonable. And If you just started playing the most important cards are still the core ones, so maybe your time and enjoyment might be better spent spending time unlocking those and playing decks with those cards before preordering. Then just preorder 1.5 months from now after you have a better understanding of the game.

I also would like to say that I don’t want this to become a habit of Abrakam when they are feeling they need extra money, but for now I’d like to think their intentions are good. I don’t want to seem like a mindless supported of Faeria, I just want to see it succeed. But I’m also not going to invest time and money into a game that I don’t enjoy or believe in. I don’t feel that way yet but time will tell. Lastly I want to say that I respect your opinion @MantaRider and it’s certainly a valid concern. I hope we can both continue to enjoy Faeria while holding it to an acceptable standard that is flexible to those that pay a lot of money to play the game, and those that can only afford to pay far less or nothing at all.


I think this kind of model is certainly worth trying once, but one of the main reasons I left Hearthstone (besides the fact that the core game was becoming less fun to play at high levels due to high RNG reliance and the inherent unfairness of objectively OP legendaries) was the structure of paying (in-game or real) money for single-player campaigns that I needed to play to get new, generally mandatory cards.

There are times I enjoy single-player gameplay and the HS campaigns certainly weren’t terrible to play through - but I was doing something that still felt like a chore because at the time all I wanted to do was have fun playing against other people, in multiplayer, on an even playing field.

So I agree with the sentiment - be careful that in trying to come up with clever ways to commercialize your game (which is totally fair), that you don’t accidentally alienate your player base from the things by separating them from what they enjoy most. It certain risks driving me away if I find I need these new cards to stay competitive, and it’s overly tortuous to obtain them.

I’ll also echo the quick sentiment a few people have said - I like the idea of having lots of different aesthetic upgrades available, and I’d be willing to pay real money for good ones. I haven’t spent any real money on Faeria yet (largely because there’s nothing available right now that feels like it’s “worth the money”), but I spent money in League of Legends to buy some of the cooler “skins” (costumes) for my favorite champs.

I also would consider paying real money for rare cards, assuming they’re not blatantly overpowered (which would just drive me away from the game altogether). If I really want to try a Tarum deck, for instance, I’d have an easier time paying $10 for Tarum outright than paying $10 to get 10 battle packs which might include a Legendary or might not and I’d get a lot of stuff that I don’t need and disenchant it into Memoria at rates that don’t feel good.

I’ve never developed this type of game so I can’t speak knowledgeably about the commercial viability of these systems, but what I can say is that the commercial direction you guys seem to be taking is not what appeals to me, personally, as a player.

With much love & respect,


I agree. I see a lot of people saying “but other CCGs cost 400 to play competitively!” That doesn’t mean that Faeria has to be the same way. You will make more money by cutting costs in half because 3x the players will pay in as a result

Maybe you’re not use to card games (especially IRL ones) but it’s the way card games are : they cost money and / or time to get a competitive collection. It’s free to play, not free to compete. It would be asking the dev to work for free… Which isn’t fair.

Regarding Faeria, I’m pretty happy with the way Abrakam monetize their game so far. I’m pretty confident that Faeria is the more F2P friendly card game out there (At least from my player experience).

I don’t say that we have to praise everything they do. But it seems fair to give them the benefit of the doubt.

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If there are pay walls, I’m likely going to quit playing - I came here for a free to play game and would be perfectly fine with it if the stuff could be bought with in game gold.

The “mandatory card” part does sucks. But paying for single player campaigns is already happening in faeria. So I don’t really see the problem with Co-op mission and campaign is placed behind a quest pack purchase.

I think the problem currently lies in a not very elegant communication. Speaking about “pre-order” right of the bat would undoubtedly turn some people off. What if the announcement of pre-order was done at later reveal date? I think that way people would more focus on new cards and new content addition.


I was in the beta for a few months before it was officially released. Not really a veteran.

Reason I quit hearthstone was pretty much a paywall. If you didn’t buy an adventure/booster packs, you’ll earn them too slow the free way. Things get worse, when you can’t even beat all the well tuned face decks that appear even in rank 20. Your FTP account stands no chance.

For Faeria, I find it pretty awesome. You earn almost a pack a day if you plan at least 1-2 hours a day. You get a free practice coin for pandora (arena) which is awesome. I sucked in HS arena, and how tough it got as the game progress affected my enjoyment of the game. Eventually I just stay away from arena altogether. I don’t have much time to play a day. Faeria is pretty rewarding for someone like me who can play only about 30 mins or 1 game a day, and jump EP between solo and battle.

For many of us, we’ve been playing the game for a while… having an expansion now is quite ‘normal’ but I can surely understand from a new player point of view. However this expansion is mostly an adventure and introduces only 6 cards which don’t seem very overpowered. I find it reasonable.

Just making sure, you do realise you already have access to the new cards they introduced? There’s nothing about the multiplayer, if indeed there is anything, that’s behind a pay wall


I know how games work. It doesn’t have to be that expensive, though. In fact I think cutting prices would get them more money because I for one definetly buy into things that don’t seem so expensive

The only thing I don’t find reasonable is that the devs made changes and released the game 8 days ago, and are already working on an expansion. I just worry thy are getting ahead of themselves with new stuff.

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I´m a new player. i understand that for someone, who paid 50$ a year ago 10$ isnt much, but as a new player the rules are different. i spent (around) 25-26$ so far (steam pack and some gems) and i dont own 50% of the cards now… far off (disenchanting cards doesnt give enough resources in my opinion, but anyway…). so as a new player i would have to spend several 100$ to get all the cards, which im not willing to do (50$ is ok… but…)… or earn them by playing… which will take some time…
so now I´m on my second day in this game… oh, a community event… what? more money? I have time until may? two months? if i invest 20$ a month+playing i might get all the cards in 7-8 months (i guess). I´m really not very interested in spending more again. this game is just released. to me (as a newbie) this feels like a day one dlc.
it is horrible timing and it really sucks (as a new player) that there are many many ppl on lowlvl ladder and casual, who play several legendaries in one game (because they spent 50$ a year ago). the release was a week ago or so… i was expecting a level playing field (more or less).
I´m not complaining or whining, but you should really try to understand people, who just spent 20$ on steam (which is 40% of your investment) and have nothing but some shitty cards and dont see the point in this expansion at day one.

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That is false, as far as we know right now all of the co op content will be behind a paywall

Well that’s strange to complain about the price when it’s probably the cheapest game out there :slight_smile:

Solo content is really rewarding + with a bit of time (quest, wins etc) you can easily get 1 chest / day, with the ability to reroll the rarest card etc.

They really should’ve waited a month or two before the adventure being revealed, and spend this time throwing bonus loot at players to expand your player base. They are very generous in rewards and you should have a full set or more than enough to compete soon enough. Like other games if you want to speed up that process you need to spend some money. I doubt you would even spend even half as much in this game as you would in Hearthstone for a full enough collection. They really do need to reconsider the adventure being cash only. I myself will support them with a smile and get the supporter pack, but that really could scare away the f2p community and new players to come. I suggest for everyone who is worried about 8.99$ now and 9.99$ after the adventure releases to go wash a car or two and get it! I would also like to add that the Fulgoro avatar is on another level!

It’s not really the price but the fact that they are pushing it 8 days after release

I, and many many others, have been playing Faeria since february 2016 and the expansion reveal is just so so exciting to me! You say its too soon, but is it really? The expansion is still a couple of months away! That is in some cases longer than a person even sticks with a game!


I honestly do not get it. It’s just 6 new cards. Available to everyone, preorder or not.I really do not get how this gives paying players an unfair advantage over non-paying players. Eight days after release or not, I feel it’s very easy to keep up with that amount of content (for a f2p player I mean). Compare that with, say, a hearthstone adventure, or an MTG set.

As far as we know, there won’t be any new content until May (when the adventure pouch is released). That’s a lot of time to get 6 cards

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