Did i misunderstand the gold to chest conversion?

I had saved up 44k gold so i could get a big headstart with chests for the new dlc, i already had 2 unopened battle chests, and when i logged in, i only had 13 chests and all my gold got converted into shards? Did i misunderstand how the conversion was supposed to happen, or is this a bug or something? Because i honestly feel cheated. If i had known my gold would get converted into shards, then i would’ve spend all of it on chests instead.

I thought only excess gold would get converted to shards if you had enough for a full playset?

I would appriecate a reply from abrakham or any possible help anybody can provide, thank you.

I had 58 Chests. Now I have 40 Chests, 40000 gold and 7500 gems. No idea what on earth happened.