Dirigible and Wild Avenger Bug

This bug happened with just now. Opponent played 3/3 Dirigible and ate his own Wild Avenger and flew near my orb and stopped above the sea tile, next to my minions – Tiki Caretaker 1/1 and Bone Collector with 2/4 or 2/5.
I broke the Dirigible. The Wild Avenger icon was hovering inbetween the land and the see tiles, then dissappeared. But on my opponents turn, Wild Avenger, unharmed, was staying right in the sea tile, where the Dirigible was destroyed, and then he walked the from water to land like Jesus.
Please, fix bugs like these untill July 18.

My account name : BoxOfWonders
Opponents account name : Nicoza
Happened : 16.06.2018, 00:30 GMT +3

It is not a bug (the second part). It is working as inteded. Creature he owns would die on water tile at the end of his own turn. Not before. It is actually one of the ingame tooltips.