DIscounting Colossi + a silly doubt of mine

So, I know you can’t use and effect to discount Primaveral Colossus (like Blood Song or Bold Bargainer), but what about the other colossi? In Ssecific, I wanna run a BY deck with Ancient Herald + Wavecrash Colossus and Windstorm Colossus. Do they get discounted or does it not work, just like with the Primaveral Colossus?

On a completely different note… who is Gabrian? I mean, there are a lot of blue card referencing this “Gabrian” guy, but there is no card of him, is it? Who is he in the Faeria lore?

Thx for the answers :slight_smile:

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The other colossi work correctly and are discounted, primeval colossus has been bugged for about 8 months(ever since radiance was introduced) and they’ve yet to fix him :frowning:
Gabria is a country, therefore people(or fish :rapalagold: ) from Gabria are called gabrians.

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