Discussing the latest season reset and our policy on win-trading

Hello everyone.

It’s been a while since we had to address something like this.

As you know, the ranked ladder reset recently and, as we often do, we’ve invited the top 10 ranked players to a special tournament. We take our ranked ladder and esports events very seriously, and any instance of manipulating ladder placements or “win-trading” are strictly forbidden.

If you’ve never read our terms before, please take a moment by doing so here: https://www.faeria.com/terms#esports

In short, an incident occured toward the final moments of the season reset in which a player surrendered a match against another in the highest rankings, propelling them into the top 10. This normally wouldn’t be such a big deal, but the problem came when they were spotted in a community member’s Twitch chat mentioning that they had surrendered a winning game on purpose in order to give the other player extra points.

Make no mistake, this is not permitted by any means and we cannot allow this type of behavior on the ladder.

To be more specific and clear as possible, the two players in question were ranma and Minocaro.

We immediately launched an investigation and questioned both players about the incident. While doing so, we also pulled the replay for their particular match and analyzed what had actually happened. Our conclusion was that the offending player (ranma) did indeed surrender a clearly won match on the very last turn.

We have no choice but to take action, and believe the integrity of our ladder system is of utmost importance. However, due to the nature of this incident, and the fact that this is the first time this sort of offense has ever been documented and explained - we are going to be extremely lenient in this particular case.

Our ruling is that ranma will receive a one month ban from all Abrakam sanctioned tournaments, including all activity in this month’s Monthly Cup. Minocaro will receive no punishment, as it was clearly not in his control and we believe there was no arrangement made between the players before the match concluded, based on the evidence provided.

We want to send a strong message that we consider this to be a lenient punishment. In the future, if we discover these sorts of actions we are inclined to take much stronger measures.

We hope you understand our reasoning and why we are so strict regarding ladder activity and win-trading.

Thank you for reading.