Divine Guardian tips

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welcome, i am here to tell a story. about a player who, directly after their orb was surrounded by three creatures that could provide a lethal next turn, played two Divine Guardians far away from their own orb out of my reach (i am actually the protagonist, but i seem like the antagonist… it’s complicated)

while this was not enough to save them from orb death, it lit a spark in my mind. the burning smell of faeria theory crafting kindling filled my mind nostrals. all else fell silent as i considered how events would unfold. would they die one by one as i struck home with my creatures? how does this ACTUALLY work???

Lo and Behold they died together as the first hit landed.

not actually terribly exciting, but it answers a question a newer player may have upon crafting or recieving this Divine Gaurdian card.

TL;DR: Divine Gaurdians (plural) on the board at same time are redundant and you may be able to find something better to spend your faeria on in your hand.


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Simply enlightning