Divine Guardian

How is it used?
what is meant with ‘when you would take lethal damage’. At what exact moment and how do you use this card?

If you have 3 health for example, and your opponent attacks you for 3 or more damage. Instead of dying, the creature Divine Guardian will die. So it is a way of helping you stay alive.
It is also a very good harvester because of the Divine keyword, it makes it difficult for opponents to kill it if you play it far away from their creatures/land.

Does health pertain to the main character and not a creature’s health?

Your avatars health (you start with 20). If you have full health (20) and someone hits you with a superbuffed creature for 20 damage. If you have a Divine Guardian on the board, it will die instead of you losing health. You will still have 20health. :slight_smile:

vey helpful

“You” usually means your god/orb - when it makes sense, that is.

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what is god/orb?

Your avatar or character, the thing that starts with 20 life at the start of the game. These are gods, according to Faeria.

Technically, the orb is actually the transparent ball surrounding your character/avatar/god.

sorry to be asking such stupid questions - I seem to have to learn quite a bit.

thanks for the help!