DLC Progression System Update

Thank you for all of your feedback on Fall of Everlife and the progression system! We’re making some changes in the very near future.

Next Wednesday, we will be applying an update that supplies 5 Battle Chests to anyone who purchases Fall of Everlife. These 5 chests will contain only cards from the DLC until you have 20 of the new cards, and will be awarded retroactively to those players who already purchased the DLC.

Another set of these 5 Chests will be given upon the release of the second part of Fall of Everlife to anyone who owns the DLC.

The goal of these changes is to provide an initial boost for new content right away so you can immediately begin making a deck with some of the new content, and work toward the rest quickly.

Next Wednesday’s update will also contain several other quality of life improvements. Cheers!