Do (NOT) the Solos follow the rules of RNG?

I have noticed that when it comes to playing against a Solo bot, they have any card they want regardless of what it is in their hand. This is understandable for some quests that are like puzzles used to train you, but when it comes to a normal duel, this is a huge issue.

I want to have fun while I play against solo bots, so I made myself a low cost aggro inferno deck. It’s not the best, but with luck against the opponents RNG, it will end the game quickly. So I try this out on my level 11 seifer, and low and behold, each game ends with a lose because he doesn’t follow the rules of RNG. The entire solo questing is Murphy’s Law when you play it, and that makes it extremely NOT enjoyable. Why should I forge a serious deck for a game that is meant to have fun?!!!

Some improvements would be coding the bots to follow the rules of RNG instead of what they believe their cards should be for the best course of action. If I have to be at the mercy of RNGesus, then so should they!!!

Some solo opponents seem to have specific starting hands and it also seems that some may have some cards more than 3 times in their decks. This is just to create the challenge aspect of the missions. You can abuse this, if you are quite sure you know what cards they are going to have, build a deck around it. So I would not see this as a problem.

Anyway, some in some missions the opponents have just normal RNG and decks that follow deck building rules (for example, most Aurora quests I think). So this does not even apply to all solo missions.

Still a big pain in the ass to have to build against, instead of build what is fun.

It is a deck building game, and many players enjoy cracking the solo missions. It is understandable that it is not for everyone though. Luckily you can still build your favorite decks and compete online. Maybe they will add better practice versus AI mode in the future too!

I like your thinking. Thanks for the reinsurance