Do you dream about crackthorne too?

Hello guys !

Just a little post about crackthorne. I meet the deck soooooo many time in rank 5 to god rank and think this deck is a little op actually.

Do you think this is true ?
Do you fight a lot of crackthorne or i’m just unlucky ?

I really hope for a nerf cause it’s boring to have 1 really strong deck played by so many people.

Thx and sry for my english !

If you meet so many Crackthornes, just play a deck that counters it like green control with big creatures.

  1. play counter
  2. ???
  3. Profit (legend)

I play CT too :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway i haven’t found many other players playing the same deck in the league before God. Also it is consistent but not OP cause many times I won on opponents miss-play, so with quite balanced match. Also CT can be stuck in hand with a bad draw cause it has high cost per card. I think you can refine a more effective defense, also changing something in your deck.
In all cases CT is far from winning every match in top leagues, don’t worry. Just decks become more efficient and players more expert using them :slight_smile:

Thx for reply !

Actually i meet a lot of crackthorne, yellow rush and OTK combo.

I don’t specially have a BIG BIG trouble dealing with CT but i think the deck is too strong and that’s why so many player take it to climb.

It’s just boring to play so often vs same decks.

I think the meta is a little boring actually but maybe i play to much.
Not a lot of place for invention compare to duel of champion for exple.

But sure play vs crackthorne is better than play vs OTK … this is the worst about interaction between players.

Yep, i agree. An other reason is probably that there aren’t so many players right now, so some deck “trends” can be quite common. Anyway the new game extension will change a lot of decks soon :slight_smile:

Yep that’s a big hope for me :slight_smile:

But i fear the fact that if you buy the new extension you will have all the new cards in x3 and if you not you will have no one.

Ok in beginning we will see a lot of test deck but fast you will have meta decks that everyone could copy cause have all the cards of extension.

I really prefer the actual system of random pick but i know it’s complicated with so few new cards.

CT is op for the fact that it includes mobility, the best buffs (green) and the best direct damage cards (red)
Additionally, it has a lot of variations which makes you hard to guess its deck list

But tbh I don’t think it is really that strong coz many players (even the God Rank players) may choose a wrong option (there is too many options!!!)

that’s why I always win CT :slight_smile: