Does anyone enjoy playing vs Yrush?

i don’t. not at all.
regardless of which deck i’m playing, it always feels like i’m grasping at straws in order to defend myself… and ultimately die anyway because i run out of taunts and healing isn’t a big thing in faeria

Actually, depending on the deck I play, I do enjoy playing vs. rush, especially yellow. I can understand your and other player’s frustration, though. Currently, Faeria doesn’t do exactly what I’d call a great job on teaching new players how to deal with rush decks.

I’m working on a detailed guide on how to play vs yellow rush. It will be a big wall of text with pictures and it’s not finished yet. I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Just some quick tips until then:

  • Land placement is very important. The most important spots to claim are all the tiles on the bottom line (next to your orb and the bottommost spots next to your faeria wells), as well as the so called “assault spots”, which are the spots top right and top left from your orb. Generally speaking, the fewer spots within two tiles of your orb your opponent can claim, the easier it will be to defend, stabilize and eventually win.
  • Taunt creatures, and creatures you can play early on, help a lot vs yellow rush. Good examples are: Wood Elemental, Living Willow (include Tiki caretakes, Elderwood Embrace or Ruunin’s Command, if you play it), Deepwood Grizzly, Ruunin’s Messenger, Wild Avenger, Queen’s/King’s Guard.
  • Try to claim the spot next to one of your faeria wells with a colored land, so you can summon a creature that collects on the next turn while being able to fight other creatures on the same side of your orb. If your opponent can collect more than you while keeping the pressure, you’ll probably lose.
  • Once you stabilize, aim for a counter attack.

A cheap deck to counter yellow rush would be this:

You can also add some Triton Banquets (for a better approach against other decks). King’s Guard, Feed the Forest (maybe with Oakling) and Grove Guardian would work as well, in case you’re missing some of the cards. Ruunin’s Shrine (the only epic) shouldn’t even be necessary, so feel free to replace it with something else.

Hi Taiyodori,

Give me a poke when you have completed your guide. I’d love to see what you’ve done. :slight_smile:

Will do! Unfortunately, this takes longer than expected. I’ll let you know and leave a link here, once I finished it. :slight_smile:

Here you go: [Guide] How to deal with yellow rush - a detailed guide (with pictures!)

Btw I just found out the character limit for a post is 32,000. :wink:
So, just a fair warning that you won’t finish reading within anything close to 10 minutes. (Seriously, sorry about that. )

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Great post Taiyodori :slight_smile: Will help a lot of people, thanks.