Does anyone know Eye of Judgment?

Hi everybody,

First, thank you faeria team for creating this strategic cards game !

I discovered it only 3 days ago and I ve finally found a game where the strategy can surpass the pay to win. I was a big French player of Eye of Judgment (EoJ) on PS3 which combined elements and strategy on a 3x3 board and I feel the same way when playing Faeria.

The only real differences between the two games are:

  • the board bigger in Faeria (only 9 cases in EoJ)
  • the first hand with 3 cards in Faeria vs 5 in EoJ
  • the fact that you can play a monster on every case of the 9 composing the board of the PS3 game with a bonus or a malus depending of the element.

I’m sure Faeria team knows well about this game on which I spend hundreds of hours.

One more time thank you !