Does anyone make custom cards?

I am new here but I have always enjoyed making cards for games.

Here are some I just threw together as ideas.

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Fungus Amungus - love the art (what img?), do not like the name (2nd word). Card text is too long (and unclear) for an actual Faeria card. Card is obv unbalanced (OP).

Fungus - 4faeria; 1forest 1lake; 1/3; Last Words - Summon Fungus in a random adjacent forest.

If you kill the Fungus the shrooms die at end of turn so opponent just has to kill the original ASAP. I wouldn’t think that would be too OP. But I agree I cannot name cards well.

Storm Toad’s art (which I like) does not fit with card’s name and text

I realize. The art is mostly placeholder. It is more in the design of the mechanics.

You could replace “if it is your turn” into “on your turn”
“your hero is immune” -> “you do not take damage”
Overgrowth’s text is unclear

Thats a great idea! and yeah I need to rework overgrowths text.

There’s a channel dedicated to it on the official discord, also there’s a good amount of posts on the boards with groups of custom cards from 1 user. Not to mention the Custom Card Creator Contest(Or CCCC) that’s held every so often, the top 3 get in-game prizes :3