Doomsday nerf - what happened to board interaction?

I’m very certain red control with pre-nerf obelisk was nerfed for the same reason - mass aoe clear with no board interaction did not feel good to play against.

but then you go around and make a broken card that wipes the entire board for 4 faeria.

What I’d like to see - make doomsday a structure that must survive for a turn before it wipes everything on the board. I’m not sure that is the best solution, but if you have another alternative, as long as you give it some counterplay on the board

I aggree this card needs a tune to stop it from showing up in yellow rush decks. Right now it feels like ur just being punished for properly fending the rush off. They just reset the board and finish u off it really doesn’t feel like there’s a lot of counterplay.

thats exactly the problem. the way to play versus rush:
step 1. land block,
step 2. body block,
step 3. harvest,
step 4. counterattack.

doomsday throws a wrench in that where bodyblocking and putting out harvesters to outfarm a rush is IN the rush’s plan, by killing off all their creatures. So do i bring out defenders, or do I avoid playing into doomsday. putting out 1 defender at a time just plays into last nightmare or choking sands.


I really enjoy having more removal, and I loved the old Obelisk :smiley:

But I really think the idea of having Doomsday being a structure is great!
It would have to have less of a drawback (but still a big drawbacK)